Undoubtedly, job seekers are channeled from different sources; such as social media platforms and online job boards. Although these sources are useful to collect the top talent, they often deliver an overwhelming amount of unstructured data, which can become a nuisance for the recruiters and Human Resources managers. This is when your company requires a top Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which enables you to centralize as well as make sense of all the recruiting data.  There are factors that must be considered when selecting the most effective ATS for your company’s needs. An example would be, does the ATS meet the needs of your team? Do you need a system that can manage countless amounts of job openings and unlimited users? How significant is it for you to have your system well-integrated with your business website and email contacts?

There are a number of factors to consider when making your selection for the most suitable ATS for your company’s needs. To help you choose the best recruiting software for your hiring needs, RecruitBPM has outlined a list of top 16 applicant tracking systems for 2019.

  1. Oracle Taleo Cloud Services

Taleo a cloud-based talent management software was developed in 1999 as Recruitsoft and changed its name to Taleo in 2004. Later it was acquired by Oracle in February 2012. Initially, it was a recruitment software vendor, gradually they extended the software into other fields of talent management. Given its strong social media analytics potentialities, Taleo is considered to be a leader in talent management.

There are two versions of Taleo suite offered by Oracle, one is for enterprises and one is for small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). The suite includes modules for sourcing, recruiting, onboarding, talent retaining, talent management and social media recruiting. What differentiates Oracle Taleo Cloud services from other recruitment software is its use of social media networks as a sourcing tool. Social media recruiting makes it easy to access job applications through mobile devices, which leads to increased employee referrals.

  1. Greenhouse Software

Founded in 2012, Greenhouse Software is a leading enterprise talent acquisition software. Its solutions include Greenhouse Recruiting, which is developed to support the talent acquisition teams to discover top candidates and bring improvement in the hiring process. This talent acquisition software offering mobile applications for iOS and Android users accommodates global, creative, education, technology, healthcare, finance, and many more business fields. It has been successfully securing numerous awards counting #1 Best Place to Work by Glassdoor, Forbes Cloud 100, and Talent Acquisition FrontRunner Leader by Software Advice.

Getting a lot of recognition in a short time Greenhouse was ranked as #2 in Crain’s New York Best Places to Work 2018. It was also ranked in the Inc. 5000 2018 Fastest Growing Companies, and Deloitte’s 2018 Fast 500 North American Technology Ranking.

Greenhouse is worth your investment due to the fact it enables you to manage both existing and potential employees. It will let you control and evaluate the performance of existing employees. During the hiring process, they offer an interview kit, which lets you score the applicants and do a comparison.

  1. iCIMS Talent Acquisition

iCIMS Talent Acquisition developed in 1999, is an onboarding platform with plentiful features, including the branded career portal. The customizable career portal allows applicants to search for job opportunities. This platform offers businesses and companies the tools and functionalities they require to enhance and streamline their talent acquisition process without compromising on the quality and skills of the applicants. This talent acquisition software enables the employers to have quality hires, improved hiring process, engaging the right talent and following the key metrics all with the help of one powerful application. Other prominent features of iCIMS include social media distribution, career site search engine optimization (SEO), and job board posting. Besides the popular social media networks, iCIMS social media distribution feature expands the reach of recruiters and HR professionals to more than 300 other social media outlets.

iCIMS has been recognized as one of the largest Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers of top-class talent acquisition and management software. Having more than 10 years’ experience in the talent management and acquisition field of business, iCIMS is well renowned for its services. Currently, it is being utilized by more than 3,200 international businesses and companies.

  1. Bullhorn

Bullhorn created in 1999 was originally launched as a freelancer’s platform to help them in finding and collaborating work, but in 2001 they changed their focus to developing a CRM software for different business fields. Initially, Bullhorn had been focusing on providing software-as-a-service (Saas) to the third-party recruiting and staffing agencies, letting them handle their day-to-day business operations through a single web-based platform. Becoming one of the prodigious technology providers for the recruiting and staffing agencies, by all accounts, it had been generating revenue from $2 million in 2004 to $20 million in 2009, $33.6 million in 2011, and $67 million in 2013.

Bullhorn’s cloud-based CRM solutions include data capture and customer insight technology which enables the users to have the most recent and powerful information at their fingertips, letting them have everything they require to win over the customers and keep them pleased.

Currently, Bullhorn is serving over 10,000 clients and 350,000 users, and the software solutions are utilized by many of the most distinguished businesses and enterprises to help increase their sales, improve service delivery, and streamline their operations.

  1. RecruitBPM

RecruitBPM was developed in 2012 as a business process management (BPM) software, combining core functionalities of an applicant tracking system, recruitment management, and CRM systems into one integrated solution. It gives particular importance to transforming the users’ recruiting process by streamlining and organizing candidate sourcing, allowing them to discover the best candidates in the shortest time possible. This recruiting software includes strong features counting a cutting-edge applicant tracking system, social recruitment, career portal, calendar and schedule management, contact management, and constricted security protocols. It also offers a vast variety of reporting tools and a mobile-friendly app to enable the recruiters, HR managers, salespersons, and head hunters to access their data anytime anywhere.

RecruitBPM gives you total control over your applicants’ complete recruiting lifecycle, from receiving the resumes to hiring. Robust parsing engine enables the HR professionals to collect all the data they need from candidates’ resumes, saving them from spending hours and hours of their time on reviewing and evaluating them. This parsing capacity of RecruitBPM eradicates the requirement of closely reading resumes to decide whether the applicant is good for the position. RecruitBPM also has been successful in securing Great User Experience and Rising Star awards in 2018 by FinancesOnline, and it is also awarded by G2 Crowd the High Performer for Fall 2018 and Winter 2019.

  1. SmartRecruiters

Established in 2010, SmartRecruiters as a recruiting software is developed for the tech-savvy HR professionals, offering everything they require to attract, select and hire the top talent. Its wide-ranging recruitment marketing tools let the users develop new opportunities internally and externally. The selection tools it provides let the recruiters and HR managers experience strong applicant tracking, geared up with vast partnership tools to identify the best candidates for their organizations.

The features of this smart recruiting software include digital offer management and pre-integrated on-boarding, which let your team seamlessly welcome the new hires. It also allows a smooth search through your own growing database for your hiring needs. What makes SmartRecruiters different from other recruiting software is its own SmartAssistant application, industry’s first and only indigenous AI-powered recruiting service, a smart and intellectual assistant to help find the right talent for your company. This recruiting application assists the users to remove bias by allowing the recruiting teams to align faster and discover the best applicants efficiently with data science supporting the selection process.

  1. JobDiva

Founded in 2003, JobDiva as an online applicant tracking software is designed for hiring managers and other professionals related to staffing and recruiting industry. This recruiting software let you manage all of your job candidates through smart filters and analyzers to facilitate you to hire the best employee for your company. This recruitment software is functioning in many parts of the world and has some prominent customers as its recognition. Used by more than 20,000 HR professionals, JobDiva has successfully secured a significant place in the market due to its versatile features.

What makes JobDiva worth your investment is its presence on the top national and international boards all over the world to make certain that you can discover the top talent for your organization. It is due to these services that this recruiting software has been successful to earn recognition and awards for many years.

  1. Workable

Workable is a cloud-based recruiting platform developed for different industries. It is a one-in-all recruiting software to find, track, and evaluate candidates. Large organizations like Porsche, Sears, Deloitte, Upwork and many more have been using this applicant tracking system to build their teams. Besides large companies, Workable is also used by mid-sized and startups. When it comes to selecting the right candidate, Workable is quite helpful. You don’t need to develop a shortlist of suitable applicants. Instead, Workable let you select the best applicant from a shortlist and assists you to invest your time in assessing the real prospects.

What makes Workable different from other ATS technologies is the fact that it does not require any installation, setup fees, or learning curves, letting you get started in only ten minutes. It also streamlines and helps with the time-consuming activities, for example, browsing, screening, and organizing the applicants.

  1. Jobvite

Founded in 2006, Jobvite is developed as recruitment management and applicant tracking system, giving the recruiters and HR professionals complete control over their hiring process, streamlining the entire process while enabling them to attract the best candidates and end up with the right employees for the jobs. Different from the typical talent acquisition tools, this recruiting software comes with features and capacities that deal with the requirements for modern recruiters, including social and innovative abilities. It is specifically designed to systematizing the hiring workflows and modify them to make sure that they meet your recruitment requirements and essentials. With its two-way calendar integrations with Microsoft Outlook and Gmail, scheduling is not a problem for the HR professionals anymore. This recruiting software also implements an advanced social networking approach which enables the recruiters to easily share jobs and opportunities, making it fast and far-reaching.

What is different about Jobvite is its capability to streamline the hiring process by automating the time-consuming tasks including applicant screening, email and resume parsing, job postings are a few to name, it also customizes the recruitment phases so that the recruiters have those candidates meeting their specifications.

  1. BambooHR

BambooHR developed in 2008, is an online human resource (HR) software offering an end-to-end solution for staffing and recruiting management. This software offers the startups and small to mid-sized companies a user-friendly platform allowing them to migrate their recruiting data from complicated spreadsheets to an advanced Human Resource Information System (HRIS) that is customizable according to their hiring needs. With this software, recruiters and HR managers can spend their efforts and valuable time on more important activities. BambooHR’s applicant tracking system is designed to manage all phases of the employee’s lifecycle, and offer the crucial personnel visibility utilizing strategic pointers, for instance, employee retention and turnover.

The most attracting thing about BambooHR is its smooth and advanced user interface appearance, along with a distinct color template making it more pleasant to use.  However, what makes this HR software is its wide-ranging feature suite. It exclusively offers all relevant HR functionalities, employees data modules, tracking abilities, and innovative reporting tools. Developed for small and mid-sized industries, this software employs a stripped-down procedure to track the performance, thus making it an excellent choice for the developing companies.

  1. IBM Kenexa

IBM Kenexa is a smartly designed talent management suite developed by IBM Smarter Workforce Institute. It is particularly intended for the HR departments for enhancing their talent acquisition capabilities and also boosting their engagement with the existing employees. With this smart talent acquisition suite, companies are enabled to attract applicants with the matching set of skills and qualifications for the open positions. The HR professionals can involve the applicants instantaneously to evaluate whether they are well-suited for the job, or are compatible with the staff, and the company. After this, the software also helps HR managers with the onboarding of new hires. Moreover, IBM Kenexa’s capacities include the training and progress of an organization’s employees. Hence, the companies don’t have to hire new talents—instead, they can enhance the abilities of the existing employees for the development of the company.

IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite is different from other talent acquisition software as it quickly pinpoints the best fitting applicants utilizing assessments strengthened with IBM Watson™ analytics. It is also very user-friendly, as a majority of HR professionals can utilize this application without training.

  1. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit as a prominent applicant tracking system and recruitment management platform is developed for startups and small to mid-sized companies. It offers a variety of customizable features along with a user-friendly interface liked by the beginners as well as professional users. Completely cloud-based and mobile-friendly, this recruiting software offers the users robust tools to help them with publishing job openings, sourcing candidates, evaluating resumes, along with managing the interviews. Besides this, Zoho Recruit also includes a vast range of back-office tools, for example, document collaboration, automated workflows, and territory management with the purpose of facilitating its users to make their overall operations more competent. Furthermore, it also offers security options that let the users keep their confidential data secured from hackers and cyber-criminals.

The unique thing about Zoho Recruit is that it offers the users a list of active job openings and presents them in chronological order, with open fields for the candidate to make a quick submission. It also includes the options for HR professionals to choose criteria for their candidates to respond to, and then it automatically withdraws the applicants who don’t match the selected criteria.

  1. Breezy HR

Breezy HR is an advanced and well-developed HR software for small to mid-sized and large corporations. Every so often defined as the ‘miracle of intuitiveness’, it combined all the best practices in HR management and hiring and offered a system where the HR professionals can get the most out of collaborative recruiting, and modernized the employee management to such a level that they might not believe to be possible. More than that, Breezy HR is well-integrated and user-friendly and provided that it successfully works with the hiring process of any size of business. The integrations are the basis of perfect efficiency, combined with plentiful valuable features, a few of which are hard to find in any similar HR software. What is for sure likable about Breezy HR is the way it balances between competence and value—small and mid-sized companies can utilize all the important features at the reasonably fixed price, whereas the larger companies can use the quote-based enterprise pricing. That’s because this HR software prioritize to deliver the needed functionality at the price different companies can afford.

On top of that, Breezy HR offers a clear overview of the candidates and what phase they are in. There is a simple drag and drop management system that gives the users total control of candidates. The users can automate tasks, upload or email applicants automatically or in bulk, and also utilize the interview guides and custom scorecards.

  1. Jazz HR

Introduced in 2009, Jazz HR as an applicant tracking system is developed for the HR professionals enabling them to search and hire the top talent for their companies. It’s an all-inclusive solution with proficient managing tools that make the recruitment process stabilized and uncomplicated. From job posting to hiring, this recruiting software includes all the features and tools to facilitate the recruiters and HR managers. Along with optimizing the recruiting process, the HR professionals are enabled to develop customized workflows according to their needs. Its career portal feature let the companies develop professional profiles to help them attract the top talent. Being both a desktop and mobile-friendly software, Jazz HR offers the feasibility of managing the recruiting process from office or any other location. With its interview software, HR managers can easily do online interviews with the candidates.

The best part of this recruiting software is the intuitive reporting tools it offers. It offers compliance reporting tools to make sure that the companies always abide by the legal matters and have accessible recruitment reports. Jazz HR has a custom report builder which let the users develop their own reporting formats.

  1. Lever

Lever as a web-based applicant tracking system is developed to meet the needs of the companies of any kind and size. It simplifies the recruiting and hiring process while making sure that the companies hire only the best applicants accessible. This is made possible with the software’s automation, administration, and reporting features. It let the companies receive more inbound job application, increasing the potentiality of achieving more hires in less time. Among many others, the main features of this recruiting software comprise job requisition management, task creation and delegation, candidate search, email templates, and reporting.

The best part is Lever offers a LinkedIn plugin, enabling the recruiters to access and collect details from applicants’ LinkedIn profiles and directly import them to Lever’s database. This plugin is also accessible for hiring managers and other hiring staff, letting them easily develop referrals saving the time they have to spend on waiting for their contacts to provide their resumes.

  1. ApplicantStack

As a cloud-based applicant tracking software ApplicantStack is designed to help the companies of different sizes to have improved recruiting, screening, and hiring of new employees. It offers a user-friendly platform for the users to let them create job listings to be posted on the custom-built job boards developed by the platform itself, providing improved visibility for the listing as well as maintaining employer’s brand. This recruiting software also let the users develop a questionnaire or sift through the resumes and cover letters to discover qualified applicants using specific keywords highlighted by the platform.

What makes ApplicantStack special is the fact that it is designed by the team which includes experienced HR professional, developers, and recruiters. It is developed with the objective of providing advanced human resources technology to companies of all sizes. Developed and introduced in 2009, ApplicantStack has become one of the rapidly developing HR solutions in the market.

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