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Are you ready to make a commitment? Thats what most providers require. Compare pricing and terms to make sure you have the flexibility you need in case your needs change. See pricing and terms for RecruitBPM vs. Bullhorn vs. Crelate Talent vs. Vincere vs. side-by-side.

Download Comparison RecruitBPM Bullhorn Crelate Talent Vincere Workable
User Type For small to mid-sized staffing and recruiting agencies/firms. Ideal applicant tracking system for headhunting firms. For Enterprise Businesses and Mid-Sized Businesses For recruiting agencies and businesses of any size Suitable for companies with more than 50 employees Suitable for companies with more than 50 employees
User Size 1 – 1000+ 1 – 1000+ 1 – 1000+ 1 – 1000+  
Starting Price $39/month/user $120/month/user $109/month/user $75/month/user  
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*This data is based on research from vendor websites and review sites.

You need a platform with comprehensive features that are powerful enough to get the job done. How do RecruitBPM features compare? Is there an alternative to Bullhorn that compares to Bullhorn feature-wise? Is there a competitor to Crelate? A competitor to Vincere? that are just as powerful? Browse these competitors to see how the platforms compare on features you need.

Core Applicant Tracking Features

RecruitBPM Bullhorn Crelate Talent Vincere Workable
Applicant Tracking
Customer Relationship Management CRM
Leads Management
Activity and Tasks Management
Application Customization
Activities & Tasks Management
Background Screening
Suggested Candidates for Job Orders
Customizable Recruiting Workflow
Work Flow Triggers
Multi WorkFlows
Hot Lists
Bulk Edit/Update
In-App Notifications
Merge Duplicates
Contact/Candidates Shared Profile
Folder Management
Full Text Search
Power Search
Boolean Search
Search with Phone Number
LinkedIn Search
Search Inside Candidate Resume
Zip Code Lookup
Radius Search

Candidate Sourcing

RecruitBPM Bullhorn Crelate Talent Vincere Workable
Browser Extension
Resume Parsing
Candidate Inbox
Resume Builder
Incoming Candidate Source Tracking
Suggested Candidates for Job Orders
External Candidate Search
Online Resume/Document Editor
Bulk Resume Downlaod
Outlook add-In Parsing
Gmail Add-On Parsing
Exclusive Content Form

Job posting & Career Portal

RecruitBPM Bullhorn Crelate Talent Vincere Workable
Job Order Management
Career Portal Domain Masking
Career Page Integration
Social Media Postings: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
Career Portal Custom Design
Free Job Boards
Paid Job Boards
Job Application Custom Forms
Career Portal Video Questions
Job Matching Candidates
Job Templates

Communication & Marketing

RecruitBPM Bullhorn Crelate Talent Vincere Workable
Gmail Integration
Outlook Integration
Two-Way Calendar Syncing
Unlimited Email Tracking for Gmail and Outlook
Bulk Email
Meeting Scheduling Two-Way Syncing
Email Triggers
Email Notifications
Scheduled Emails
Live Chat
Bulk SMS
Phone System Integration

Administration / Support & Training

RecruitBPM Bullhorn Crelate Talent Vincere Workable
Dedicated Database Allocation and Data Migration
Mass Import/Export
Multi Currency
API / Web Services Support
No Setup Fee
Multi-Factor Authentications
GDPR Compliance
User Roles and Access Levels
Field Visibility Customization
Email Base Support
Phone Base Support
Knowledge Base
Live Representative Support
Client Team Training
Live Training
Client Suggestion-Based Features

Reporting / Compliance & Analytics

RecruitBPM Bullhorn Crelate Talent Vincere Workable
Customized Dashboard Widget Management
Dashboard Analytics
Recruiting Reports and Analytics
Sales Reports and Analytics
Standard Built-in Reports


RecruitBPM Bullhorn Crelate Talent Vincere Workable
Career Builder
Google Jobs
Zip Recruiter
Google Drive
One Drive

Review sites contain at-a-glance ratings and honest insights from real users. For your convenience, we have summarized reviews from four of
the top review sites below. Compare Bullhorn, Workable and Smart Recruiters with RecruitBPM and/or with each other.

Industry Reviews

RecruitBPM Bullhorn Crelate Talent Vincere Workable
9.8/10 6.9/10 8.7/10 8.3/10 8.3/10
4.6/5 4.1/5 4.6/5 4.9/5 4.3/5
4.7/5 4.0/5 4.5/5 4.6/5 4.4/5
4.60/5 4.09/5 4.56/5 4.91/5 4.35/5


The Information about the above-mentioned products is obtained from the freely available downloads, documents, and forums.
We have made a conscious effort to be objective, honest, and accurate in our assessments. However, any information about the above-mentioned products could be unintentionally incorrect or missing, and we do not take any responsibility for it.

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