What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Best Applicant tracking system is a recruitment management software. It allows the recruiters to manage the job applicants in a database. Nowadays, ATS is in use of almost all sizes of companies’ HR departments. The basic purpose of using an ATS is to contact and hire the job applicants from a large pool of candidates. The main objective of using an applicant tracking software is to simplify the recruiting process.

RecruitBPM Best Applicant Tracking System

Designed to search the resumes the same way recruiters do. Hiring managers cannot go through all the resumes they receive. Therefore, they focus on searching for keywords relevant to the job they want to hire for. RecruitBPM ATS automate resume searching with its innovative features to save time and prevent any lapses or human error.

Best Applicant Tracking System
Best Applicant Tracking System

Why is an Applicant Tracking System used?

Basically, an ATS is used to help the recruiters and HR managers with their recruiting tasks. Applicant tracking software integrates with multiple job boards such as Indeed, CareerBuilder and Monster etc. Now the recruiters can post jobs on these portals with just one click. Hence, there are many reasons for recruiters to use an best applicant tracking system such as:

  • Screens hundreds of thousands of resumes giving smaller group of relevant applicants.

  • Saves time and speeds up recruiting process via resume parsing feature.

  • Lessens the chances of bias and discrimination in the hiring process.

  • Offers a compatible formatting for job posting, sustaining a positive employer branding.

  • Provides analytics and reports to assist the recruiters in making effective hirings.

How does RecruitBPM best applicant tracking system work?

Sourcing Candidates with RecruitBPM ATS

RecruitBPM has different systems to help the recruiters in sourcing and adding the applicants into the pipeline:

  • Add Form: Uses knockout questions to filter relevant candidates

  • Career Portal: integrates with job boards and social recruiting platforms

  • Indeed Candidate Search API

Tracking the most suitable candidate for a Job Order

RecruitBPM helps the recruiters to find the most fitting applicants for a job order with:

  • Candidate Suggestion from a huge candidate pool

  • Keyword-based storm search

  • Advanced Search to set specific parameters like location, job title etc.

Automated Interview Scheduling

An unstructured interview process is less likely to end with the right fit for a job position. RecruitBPM best applicant tracking system offers an automated interview scheduling. It not only helps the recruiters in hiring the right candidate but also saves time:

  • Interview Review: A portal where the employers/contacts are able to review a candidate on the basis of their skills and scoring

  • Video Interview: Specific set of questions are asked from the candidates, with relevance to the job description

  • After receiving the video, applicants have to record their answers in the video and send it back

Best Applicant Tracking System
Best Applicant Tracking System

Email Integration

Compatible integration with Gmail and Outlook

RecruitBPM ATS has a user-friendly integration with Gmail, Outlook 365, 2013 and 2016. Now recruiters can view their inbox directly from RecruitBPM. It enables them to perform different recruiting tasks. These tasks include resume parsing, adding notes, and generating new tasks and appointments regarding candidate email etc. They can view updated candidate information in their inboxes, and they can also get the sender’s complete contact details from the email by going to RecruitBPM with just a click.

RecruitBPM Mobile

Reach out to your candidates anywhere, anytime

The abrupt increase of mobile audience has increased the chances for recruiters to reach out to a large number of potential candidates. Certainly, the recruiters have to reach out to applicants residing in different parts of the world. RecruitBPM Mobile Recruiting makes it possible to let these interactions take place smoothly, since it allows the recruiters to access and manage candidate information, create notes, and view the placement data anytime on any device.

Best Applicant Tracking System
Customizable Applicant Tracking System

Role-Based Customized Access

Control your applicant's information

RecruitBPM provides customized security access to the end users including user management, role-based security, and customized access. User Management lets the companies control all the users in RecruitBPM account. It allows them to deactivate or delete previous members of the team. With Role-Based Security for each particular user, it provides content-control on the basis of an organization’s hierarchy. Customized access ensures only relevant information is available for the hiring managers. It also helps in protecting the confidentiality and privacy of the applicants’ data.

Onboarding Candidates

Streamline your hiring process

RecruitBPM simplifies the recruiting process, giving more candidate exposure to the recruiters and employers. Through a customized workflow, it ensures to track the candidates matching to the job specifications. RecruitBPM ATS also ensures to speed up the candidate onboarding process, saving both the time and cost per hire.

Best Applicant Tracking System

RecruitBPM Integrations

  • Gmail
  • Outlook
  • RingCentral
  • Google Drive
  • Career Builder
  • Career Jet
  • Dice
  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • Job Inventory
  • Juju
  • Logic Melon
  • Monster
  • Njobs
  • Simply Hired
  • Stackoverflow
  • Trovit
  • Work Hound
  • Zip Recruiter
  • DocuSign
  • Expense Watch
  • Shift Board
  • SpringAhead
  • LinkMatch
  • Sovren
  • Outlook
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Chrome
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