Empowering Your Candidate Screening with Power Search

Imagine quickly sifting through the vast talent pool, pinpointing qualified candidates and a perfect fit for your needs. Our Power candidate Search module transforms this vision into reality. By applying multiple filters, you could identify applicants with a better possibility of success, making sure a better fit for each job sourcing. We track the source of each candidate, ensuring exclusivity and a unique talent pool tailored to your needs.

job sourcing
job sourcing

Customizing Your Career Portal for a Seamless Experience

Your brand's identity is paramount, so we offer Career Portal Customization and Website Integration. Customize your career portal with your logo, styles, and colors to keep a consistent brand picture. Add pre-screening questions to filter the most qualified candidates effectively. Seamlessly integrate our job career portal into your website, making it a dynamic career landing page. Plus, manage Google Analytics on your career portal to gain valuable insights.

Expanding Your Reach with Job Postings

In the search for top skills, visibility is crucial. Our Job Posting feature allows you to post job openings on different boards, including Monster, Dice, Indeed, and more. This broadens your reach, attracting thousands of qualified candidates in seconds. Additionally, link your postings in your existing social media accounts, for broader exposure.

job sourcing
candidate screening

Enhancing Efficiency with Chrome Extension

Our Chrome Extension is a game-changer in job sourcing. Import candidates into your job pipeline effortlessly, parse and update existing profiles directly into your database, and add candidates to the job pipeline even before parsing is complete. This tool streamlines your workflow and creates leads for business development.

Leveraging External Candidate Database

Access a premium candidate database within RecruitBPM, unlock files, and add them directly to your system. This integrated solution makes sure you have a rich and diverse talent pool.

candidate screening
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