Virtelligence: Achieved Recruitment Lifecycle Automation with RecruitBPM

Virtelligence leveraged RecruitBPM to transform their recruitment lifecycle, enhancing efficiency and candidate experience through automation, leading to significant time and cost savings, and bolstering their esteemed client retention rates.

Anne Case

Recruiting Manager

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National Med Staffing: Cost-Efficient Talent Acquisition with RecruitBPM

RecruitBPM empowered National Med Staffing Network with cutting-edge automation and CRM tools, drastically reducing recruitment costs while enhancing the efficiency and quality of healthcare staffing.

Sarah Adams

Talent Acquisition Analyst

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RecruitBPM’s AI Integrations Saved Time for StateFarm’s Hiring Team

StateFarm revolutionized its hiring strategy with RecruitBPM’s AI tools, transforming candidate outreach and job description creation, leading to unprecedented efficiency gains, reduced time-to-hire, and improved candidate engagement across numerous roles.

Kari Jennings

Personal Account Manager

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Bringing Productivity to Chief Foundation’s Talent Acquisition Processes

RecruitBPM empowered Chief Foundation with advanced recruiting tools, significantly enhancing their hiring process efficiency, enabling them to better support community projects through more effective and strategic staffing solutions.

Greeg Graham


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ContineoHealth: Streamlined Hiring with RecruitBPM Automation

RecruitBPM revolutionized ContineoHealth’s talent acquisition process, utilizing AI-driven automations to enhance efficiency, improve candidate quality, and reduce hiring times dramatically.

Brenda Johnson

Hiring Manager

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Leading Solar Field Nation Towards Global Business Expansion

SolarFieldNation leveraged RecruitBPM’s innovative ATS and CRM features to drive their global expansion, optimizing recruitment processes, engaging diverse talent, and supporting scalability across new international markets.


Shaun Mathews

Free Budgetary Officer

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Epic InfoTech Consulting: Elevating Tech Recruitment with AI & Automations

Epic InfoTech Consulting harnessed RecruitBPM’s innovative recruitment workflow automations, streamlining their talent acquisition for tech roles, enhancing efficiency, and candidate engagement, and significantly reducing time-to-fill metrics.

Jessica Waters

Business Consultant

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Fidelity Bank of Minnesota: Streamlining Back-Office Operations for Peak Efficiency

RecruitBPM empowered Fidelity Bank of Minnesota with comprehensive back-office solutions, resolving traditional banking process loopholes, enhancing operational efficiency, and significantly improving staff productivity and customer service.

Brian Morris

Vice President

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MNI Operations: Cultivating Diversity, Driving Innovation with RecruitBPM

RecruitBPM enabled MNI Operations and its UAE educational branch to excel in diversity hiring, overcoming industry challenges through innovative ATS solutions, thereby enhancing workplace diversity and fostering an inclusive culture.

Sarah Khan


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