• Candidates can easily access timesheet submittals
  • Includes a log that maintains approved and rejected timesheets through their own Candidate Portal
  • Receive timesheets directly within RecruitBPM for approvals
  • Automated timesheet submission eliminates human errors
  • Allows manual date, hours and day entry
RBPM Timesheets
Time Tracking / QuickBooks integration

Time Tracking and QuickBooks Integration

  • Reduce human error with subtotals
  • Access all submitted and unsubmitted time logs in one place
  • Total amounts calculated with each time submittal
  • Create Timesheets and attach approval documents
  • Handle your accounting needs
  • Incorporate accounts payable, accounts receivable, time tracking and client databases


  • Instantly generate invoices and payroll records
  • Sync to QuickBooks
  • Add discounts if applicable
RBPM Invoicing
RBPM Expense Management

Expense Management

  • View all expense activity
  • Review submissions and send approvals
  • Customizable expense categories
  • Inclusion or exclusion of tax for invoicing
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