RecruitBPM ‘s New Improved Candidates “ Storm Search ”

The most powerful tool at your disposal to fill a vacant position is to look for the company’s database. But, unfortunately, only a few of the Recruiters use it to their advantage. In fact, employers force their HR department to use the company databases. The major problem the recruiters face is the weak search intelligence of the database. Due to this weakness, recruiters may overlook the best potential candidates. There is often a conflict between how recruiters articulate the jobs descriptions and how the candidates write down their job skills on their resumes. Hence, recruiters need a smart searching solution to overcome this difference. RecruitBPM gives a solution to this problem as it lets the recruiters use their internal databases effectively. RecruitBPM ATS allows recruiters to manage candidates’ profiles and search for the keywords in their resumes through storm search.

Find the most relevant candidates effortlessly:

RecruitBPM’s Storm Search technology helps the recruiters in finding the relevant jobs and most fitted candidates in their internal databases, very efficiently and quickly.

RecruitBPM’s semantic search focuses on more than the keyword searches. It discovers the actual context of your search, rather than focusing on the words you type. It allows the applicants as well as the recruiters to quickly search and get the most suitable candidates.

Benefits of RecruitBPM’s Storm Search:

  • Incredibly user-friendly interface, search within candidates database and the resumes attached to those profiles
  • Keyword-based Intelligent, Relevant, and Interpreted Search with profile scores
  • Increased chances of finding the most appropriate and suitable candidates for the jobs within less time
  • Full & Partial Text Search
  • Easy to use filters to drill down the results for the best possible match
  • Highlighted keywords in all fields and the resumes
  • Boolean search inside the resumes


How does it work?

Semantic searches for significant and accurate variations in human languages. It employs networks of relevant terms to discover a resume with words that are relevant to your search terms.

For instance, when a recruiter searches for a doctor, the results shown might include jobs like physician and specialist being the potential synonyms of the search term. 

Therefore in storm search, the skills and qualifications of a candidate are screened to generate the most favorable and optimal ranking of the results. RecruitBPM’s Advanced Search gives more significance and weight to an applicant’s experience that is relevant to the job. It simply goes for comprehending the searcher’s target and understanding a related meaning of the search terms. This allows constructing the most precise and accurate results.

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