Emails and Messaging

  • Structural Integration with your personalized Email and Calendar
  • In-App use of emails and log maintenance
  • Communicate with Clients and Candidates through SMS/Emails within RecruitBPM
  • Easy and real-time documentation of communication with Clients and Candidates to track updates
Emails and Messaging
Email and Calendar Integration

Email and Calendar Integration

  • Integrate both your email and calendar
  • A two-way calendar sync for greater visibility of your work
  • Integrate with Email platform to link up all sent/received emails
  • Maintain a detailed list of all interactions
  • Use customizable bulk email templates to speed up routine communication
  • Single, easy-to-use, integrated platform speeds up your recruitment workflow
  • No need to leave our platform

Calendar Syncing and Bulk Emails

  • Effortlessly sync and access with your calendar to schedule and organize notes, meetings, interviews and follow-ups from your device
  • Synchronization of all meetings and calendar events
  • Email synchronization in one precise location
  • Send emails to multiple contacts with a single click
  • Simply select the target recipients and click send
Calendar Syncing and Bulk Emails
Phone calls


  • Dial phone calls from within the RecruitBPM
  • Sync phone call records to candidate and contact profiles
  • Call Logs history of Contacts and Candidates to keep tracking
  • Sync contacts


  • communicate with your candidates and contacts via SMS
  • Send and receive text messages without leaving the RecruitBPM platform
  • Real Time conversations updates and stats on the contact and candidate records
  • Single or Bulk text messaging
  • Variety of templates to choose from
contacts via SMS
Email Campaigns RBPM

Email Campaigns

  • Allows you to adjust your message in a way that they are always engaging
  • Helps develop your brand identity
  • Provides you with a great opportunity to engage potential clients
  • Create Hotlists and run Email Campaigns within the platform
  • No longer need to use 3rd parties to send emails
  • Unlimited number of emails can be sent to any number of clients
  • Variety of email templates to choose from
  • Unlimited number of emails can be sent from your own email account
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