Email Campaigns RBPM

Email Campaigns

  • Allows you to adjust your message in a way that they are always engaging
  • Helps develop your brand identity
  • Provides you with a great opportunity to engage potential clients
  • Create Hotlists and run Email Campaigns within the platform
  • No longer need to use 3rd parties to send emails
  • Unlimited number of emails can be sent to any number of clients
  • Variety of email templates to choose from
  • Unlimited number of emails can be sent from your own email account

Client Relationship Management

  • Enhance your company’s sales productivity
  • Strengthen corporate relationships with key decision makers
  • Personalize and track contacts communication
  • Makes it easier to maintain long-term relationships.
  • Access business analytics both on the account and contact profile
Client Relationship Management
Optimize Sales Process

Lead Management and Sales Recommendations

  • A Systematic process allowing incoming leads to be qualified, analyzed and nurtured in order to convert into business opportunities
  • Generate leads through an embedded RecruitBPM career portal on your website
  • Reach out to your clients at appropriate times by making use of RecruitBPM’s in-built recommendations feature

Bulk Text, Bulk Email and Contact Parsing

  • Unlimited message (SMS or Emails) sending to any candidate or contact
  • Allows users to select multiple recipients and communicate instantly
  • Use Outlook and Gmail to send bulk emails
  • Parse contacts and client's information from our app, LinkedIn and your mailbox
  • Access business analytics both on the account and contact profile
Client Portal
Speech to Text

Speech to Text

  • If you prefer to talk rather than text, Speech to Text is available across RecruitBPM
  • Automatically listens to you and converts your speech into written text
  • Integrated speech-to-text engine
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