What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

According to research conduct on talent professionals by GetApp, it came to light that the respondents using an applicant tracking system (ATS) had been better in their recruiting endeavors – as 86.1% of them admitted that their hiring speed had increased due to an ATS system and 78.3% of them acknowledged improvement in their

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Top 10 Questions You Need to Ask the Vendor Before Purchasing a New ATS

Top 10 Questions to ask before buring a new Applicant Tracking System

Using an efficient applicant tracking system can enable you to streamline your entire recruiting and hiring efforts. Besides letting you automate specific features of your recruiting process; it helps you to devote more time to developing relationships with the candidates, consequently hiring the right candidate for you. Some of the  outstanding applicant tracking software

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Improve Your Candidate Experience with RecruitBPM’s ATS


If the candidates are having a negative experience with your job application process, it clearly indicates that either you are not an applicant tracking system user or you have no idea how to utilize your ATS to its full extent. A strong and reliable applicant tracking software can convert your hiring process into

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Top 4 Tips to Source Passive Candidates

There are high chances that your perfect job candidates are most often already hired somewhere else. Mostly, these candidates are known as passive candidates, having a unique set of challenges for the advanced recruiter – nevertheless, somebody who is content with their existing job position doesn’t usually apply for the open positions or respond

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Top 5 Strategies to Improve Diversity in Recruiting

Since employees’ demographics change and international markets develop, company diversity moves closer to turning into a corporate requirement in place of a banner that corporations do wave to display their obligation to accepting differences and change. Workers gain tangible and intangible advantages from company benefits, not the minimum of which involves respect from colleagues

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Speed up the Recruiting Process with Texting

For job candidates, wait-time to hear back about a job position appears to be endless. With conventional recruiting software, candidates have to wait for days or weeks for a hiring manager’s decision.  Yet, on the contrary, now there is a tool that particularly cuts the hiring time i.e. texting. More 90% of the organizations

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5 Easy Ways to Improve your Global Recruiting Strategy

There’s no doubt that all developing and successful international businesses require a solid pipeline of qualified talent. Applying best-recruiting practices will be useful for you to create a high-volume talent pipeline on which your international business depends. Recruiting is already quite difficult, and global organizations have extra complications and processes to follow. An applicant

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User reviews ranked RecruitBPM as Easiest to Use applicant tracking system

RecruitBPM has been ranked by G2 (formerly as G2Crowd) as Easiest to Use and High performer software in the categories of Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment Marketing. We feel privileged and delighted to receive this honor and take these analytics as direction for future product marketing strategy. These rankings are mainly based on user

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Top 10 ATS Features You Must Have

Talented jobseekers identify and go for a practical and advanced recruiting process. As the human resources professional, you must have such recruiting software which is feature-rich, so you can easily connect with the top talent. To engage your perfect candidates and grow your productivity as a recruiter, here are ten major features that you

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Learn why RecruitBPM is one of the top-ranked companies among many Applicant Tracking Systems

When it comes to top applicant tracking software on the market today, according to the G2 Crowd’s Momentum Report, RecruitBPM is ranked as #18 in momentum. RecruitBPM’s rapid enhancements and continuous upgrades, helped it make giant strides from top 100 to top 20 ATS among the market leaders. What it means and why is it

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