Candidate’s Experience: An Important Aspect of Recruitment

A good candidate’s experience throughout with your staffing firm for a candidate hiring plays a vital role in your staffing business today. About 60% of candidates share substandard experiences while applying for a job in Staffing firms or in corporate businesses. Engaging candidates is not an easy task but it becomes even more difficult if candidates are unsatisfied.

A candidate’s experience is not just about analyzing the interviews or checking their resumes. The major goal is to assess how candidates are treated during the recruitment process. Here are a few reasons why staffing companies should care more about the candidate experience.

Waiting Is Hard

We all know how hard it is to wait for something. It becomes even harder for the candidates during the hiring process because recruitment takes time since there are multiple variables when you are hiring for a specific role. So, staying in touch with the candidates is key. About 82% of the applicants expect a definite timeline and to be kept updated.

Neglecting candidates can have a negative effect on your staffing business and its success. If you neglect your candidates, they are less likely to engage with your company in the future when looking for a job. Whereas if they didn’t feel neglected and were timely informed of their application status, they would be 3.5 times more likely to work with you.

News Travels Fast

In today’s world when everyone is on social media, news travels faster than ever. Social media is a platform for candidates to express themselves and they aren’t shy about sharing. About 72% of applicants reported sharing their bad candidate’s experience online.

Third-party reviews also seem to play a vital role in a potential candidate’s decision to apply. Applicants are reluctant to apply for a job if the company has got negative reviews on different platforms. Whereas, candidates are prone to trust a company that has good reviews. So, positive candidate’s experience equals positive reviews for the staffing company.

Better Candidate’s Experience Grows Talent Pool

Establishing a positive candidate experience not only provides better hires but it also helps in the growth of your talent pool. If you have loyal candidates who regularly apply for jobs then you have been lucky and already ahead of the game. It may prove hard to locate quality talent if you are not providing a satisfactory candidate experience.

A positive candidate’s experience helps companies find better applicants who will stay around longer. If a candidate is not the right fit for the job but he was happy with the recruitment process. Then he is more likely to seek a position at the company in future. Thus, it eventually allows the company to grow its talent pool.



Potential Customers

Companies don’t only lose potential candidates when they provide a lackluster applicant experience but they also lose their potential customers. About 32% of the dissatisfied candidates said they would not apply again to the company with which they had a bad experience with recruitment.

So, it’s vital to provide the best possible candidate experience for your candidates. It will not only help you find the perfect fit for your staffing company but also gain future customers.

Build Brand Ambassadors

During the recruitment process, not every candidate is hired; many candidates simply may not be the right fit for the job. But, it doesn’t means that they have no potential but that you haven’t found the right job for them yet. So, don’t lose these candidates by cutting them off completely. Keep in touch with them regardless of whether you hire them or not. By doing so, you will be creating advocates for your brand.

If you make candidates your priority and provide them the best experience that is possible, they will do the same for your organization. So, it’s a win-win situation for both the candidates and the hiring manager. Not only will you be acquiring talent but also an ambassador for your brand.

But the Question is How it is possible for you or for your recruiter to manage this seamlessly

Mostly Staffing firms and Recruiting agencies are doing this by managing all candidate’s data in sheets or on papers. But they end up making mistakes because sometimes they can’t remember or they ignore it.

a) What if you find a complete solution for you and for your recruiter?

b) What if your candidates are going through a great experience with your company?

c) What if you find the best talent and interview in your own video tool?

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