Recruitment is a tricky business, and you need to be a top recruiter to succeed. As a recruiter, your number one goal is to recruit the best candidates and clients in order to be the best biller.

Having years of experience in the recruitment industry, here are my top five tips that will surely help you reach your goal of becoming a top recruiter just like a pro.

  1. The important thing for you to remember is how well you can sell yourself or the services to clients because they may have many other offers but your business have you.
  2. The fee is the most critical thing for any recruiter as it can cause many difficulties later on if there is any misunderstanding about it. So make sure the fee is negotiated upfront and be clear about it.
  3. It is important to define a bottom line. It is the minimum fee that you set yourself for a particular job. Anything above that is absolutely unacceptable for you. You should have this number in your mind before you talk to your clients.
  4. Be flexible in your dealings. Do not let your client go away cheaply. If there is a slight chance of getting your client on board do everything possible you can even if it means going slightly down your minimum limit.
  5. Find a candidate whose placement is almost guaranteed, then request the candidate to work with you exclusively for the first couple of weeks of their job hunt. This will avoid any chance of competition to close the offer.

Bonus Tips

Build a relationship with your clients before starting anything that will create a mutual trust helps a great deal. Always keep a cool when something goes wrong.

The tips mentioned above will help recruiters to be more productive and achieve better results like just like a pro would do.

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