What is an Applicant Tracker System (ATS)?

The research was conducted by GetApp on talent professionals. It came to light that the respondents using an applicant tracker system (ATS) had been better in their recruiting endeavors. As 86.1% of them admitted that their hiring speed had increased due to an ATS system. Whereas, 78.3% of them acknowledged improvement in their quality of hire in their recruiting process.

Applicant tracker system can be useful for companies of all sizes. It can help recruiters to handle their applicant pipelines in a quicker and simpler way. Moreover, it will allow them to recruit the right fit for open positions. It is one of the most vital tasks for hiring managers to efficiently and quickly recruit quality talent. Yet, with many applicants and an increased demand from companies to recruit the top talent. It has become a great challenge for the recruiters to come across the right fit.

An applicant tracker system (ATS) has advanced searching features that can help recruiters in optimizing their recruiting process. As it introduces automation in each hiring stage from sourcing to onboarding. If this is the first time you will use ATS Software or consider adopting one for your recruiting process. You may not know what to expect. For this reason, we’ve developed a useful guide to give you a good start.  It includes benefits of applicant tracking provider, what to expect from your ATS solution etc.

Definition of Applicant Tracker System (ATS)

The recruiting software that is specifically built to simplify a company’s recruiting process is known as an applicant tracking program. An efficient ATS system works as a centralized archiving system for the companies’ candidate data, comprising job applications, resumes, and any comments or feedback from the recruiters.

It enables recruiters to easily access the data they need, track significant recruiting metrics, and identify potential chances for improvement. An applicant tracker system introduces automation and consistency to numerous time-consuming tasks, such as interview scheduling and sorting out unqualified candidates.

An applicant tracker system offers a combination of functionality and ease of use to the recruiters and hiring managers. Choosing the perfect ATS system, especially one with rich features, can be overburdening. While selecting the right one for your hiring process, you need to make sure it has the following ATS features:

Candidate database

Career portal

Open APIs

Marketplace for 3rd party vendors

Company Portal

Outstanding UI/UX

Reporting and analytics


Internationally compliant

Built-in AI for unbiased hiring


Easily customizable

End to end solution

Built-in CRM

The quality of its hires can predict a staffing company’s potential for success. With the right applicant tracker software for the recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates, a company can accomplish its goals save time and hire smartly.

To turn your volatile recruiting team into an active, prolific, and cost-efficient one, you need an effective ATS system. An advanced, user-friendly, and intuitive applicant tracking software is useful in increasing the applicants’ number and helps the HR professionals save their time spent on hiring-related tasks and providing a quick response time.

Types of Applicant Tracker System (ATS)

When it comes to selecting an applicant tracking solution, most of the recruiting companies may have to face many challenges. Challenge such as the type of ATS they should go for, based on installation. Fundamentally an applicant tracking system comes in two installation-based types. The first type is On-Premise/Offline Applicant Tracker System whereas the other is Cloud-based/Online Applicant Tracking System.

Comparison of Types of ATS

Whether you decide on an on-premise ATS software or a cloud-based. Applicant tracking programs offer exceptional benefits to hire the best fit for your company. So, to help you in deciding which type of applicant tracking software suits your business needs, here is a brief comparison between on-premise and cloud-based applicant tracker systems :

On-Premise Applicant Tracking System

1. An On-Premise ATS software, whether it’s an applicant tracking system or not, if it has to support multiple users, needs to be installed on a Server. A server must include the hardware, server software and also needs an IT specialist to set up the server and much-needed network security for data privacy protection.

2. Offline applicant tracking system gives you a choice to save the upgrade fees when you don’t want any upgrades in your software and want to stick to the basic version as long as you want it that way.

3. An on-premise ATS Software offers unlimited storage for your candidate resumes and other related recruiting data.

4. Depending on various hardware, software, network, and personnel requirements, on-premise ATS software can take longer in its setup and deployment.

5. There is a strong guarantee that the data of your staffing organization is as secure as your network within the corporate firewall if you are using an on-premise ATS System.

6. If you intend to increase your users, you will require supplementary hardware, software, network infrastructure, and setup. Following this model, when your business grows, you can easily add more users. However, if your business declines due to certain market factors or a recession, you will be stuck with the infrastructure you invested in.

7. One of the major concerns, while using an on-premise ATS system, must be having a backup for your recruiting data. If you don’t have any backup, you may lose all of the critical data you have acquired during the years once your hard drive crashes.

8. Usually, for small businesses, on-premise software doesn’t entail a disaster recovery plan. Hence, in the case of a force majeure, the users have no access to the premises, which means you cannot perform from anywhere until you have access to the premises. This could also lead to the loss of critical data.

9. The offline applicant tracking program does not allow its users to have access to the data from any other device.

Cloud-based Applicant Tracking System

1. If you have decided to use an advanced cloud-based applicant tracking system, the good thing to know is that you can easily set up this online ATS software even without the vendor’s help from whom you have purchased the ATS systems. On the other hand, if you come across a very complicated system to install, the one-time setup fee cannot exceed $250/-.

2. Generally, there is a limitation to the storage offered by cloud-based tracking software, yet you can always select an upper limit depending on your subscription plan.

3. An Online ATS System is as good to use as you sign-up for your Free Trial. It takes a maximum of 1-3 Days to be up and running.

4. Data stored in the cloud-based ATS system can be more secure than the data of an on-premise ATS system, depending on the cloud provider.

5. A cloud-based ATS comes with a lot of flexibility to grow or reduce the setup. You can easily add up or reduce the number of users with just a click. All you have to pay is for the number of your users.

6. The majority of the cloud ATS systems use 3 levels of redundancy, which means that each file you save on the cloud has 3 copies onto 3 different disks. Besides, the database’s data is generally backed-up every 5 minutes, leaving a very minimal chance to lose any important data.

7. In the case of force majeure, cloud-based software providers include a disaster recovery plan for the users as they easily shift the data to various unaffected regions. They also allow the users to access the data from anywhere, which can help you perform and stay productive.

Why do you need an Applicant Tracker System (ATS)?

An efficient applicant tracking solution provider turns out to be very useful when you need your hiring team to be more proactive, productive, and cost-efficient. Here are a few reasons why should you use applicant tracker systems in your recruiting process:


Applicant tracker systems let the hiring managers and recruiters have well-structured and coherent communication inside their team and with the applicants. The recruiting teams can add notes, involve decision-makers, develop communication between themselves and candidates, and distribute resumes easily within a secured platform. Thanks to the applicant tracking solutions, the candidates do not miss out on the opportunities anymore and feel more engaged in employing companies throughout the hiring phases. The hiring managers and applicants are always kept in the loop – therefore, no more speculations regarding their progress in the recruiting process.


Applicant tracking solution also offers analytic and reporting tools to quantify the effectiveness of existing recruiting and hiring strategies. Hiring managers and recruiting specialists can actively use real-time data to foresee their staffing requirements, create a recruiting pipeline, uphold functional human resources at capacity, and precisely identify the key metrics for the costs, quality, and time used for their recruiting activities.

Recruitment Marketing:

 In today’s cutting-edge job market competition, it is indispensable to have an end-to-end recruiting strategy in place. With the help of efficient applicant tracking systems and recruiting strategies, it can be a quick and easy task for the hiring managers to attract and engage the potential top talent for their open positions and employer brand. Systematic job advertising, CRM campaigns, events, social media networking and campaigns, client relations, and employee referral programs are a few strategies to name to accomplish this objective.


The primary incentive for the development of an applicant tracking system was compliance. The compliance sphere is wide-ranging, multifaceted, and continuously developing. There are various aspects of compliance to be considered during its administration subjected to the location from where your company works; such as an internationally operating company with a huge staff is required to abide by the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Compliance rules and regulations differ depending on the countries and states worldwide. Therefore, it is necessary to have the best recruiting practices and an advanced recruiting solution to comply with the ever-evolving compliance laws.

Important ATS Features 

Job Posting:

You can easily track your candidates once you have a precise idea of where to source them. Using an applicant tracker system, publish open job positions to the clients’ career website and top job portals without complications. An important fact to consider before publishing the job description on various websites is to verify that it’s well-organized and detailed. Your recruiting software will go over the details your client added in the description to search for the most suitable applicants fitting the job’s skills and qualifications. If the description is not explicit, you may have the problem of attracting the wrong candidates. An applicant tracking solution with job board integration makes it easy for the recruiters to source candidates quickly. Once the applicants start to submit their details, the recruiters can develop a vast candidate pool.

Email Marketing: 

Besides job posting, email marketing also adds to the means of sourcing candidates and persuading them to drop an application to your client’s company. Email marketing can also be used to attract and get new clients. While using email marketing for candidate sourcing, you can also use it for your job orders’ publicity. It may seem time-consuming, yet if you have applicant tracking software, it can be very simple and quick. With email marketing in use, you can dispatch personalized emails to many people in a go. Tell your candidates that your clients require the workforce, attach the job details, and persuade them to drop their applications in your inbox. Once done, you can easily add their resumes to your database.

Resume Importing: 

You either get the resumes in your mailbox or your email inbox. Once you’ve got your hands on these resumes, you may find it a tiresome job to keep all of them in one place. Several resumes are saved on your computer, and you may have a big pile on your desk. Yet, sifting through the resumes manually can be a very demanding task. The upside of using an applicant tracking system is that it offers a resume importing feature that lets you add the physical resumes right into your software. On the other hand, if you get electronic versions of the resumes from the job portal sites or in your email, you can quickly import them into your database without any delays. Once imported into your recruiting database, the resumes are secured, and you won’t be worrying about them being misplaced or lost.

Resume Parsing:

 Having an applicant tracking solution in place saves your time spent on reading hundreds of thousands of resumes, as the software already does it for you. The resumes don’t have a universal pattern. They can be drastically different from each other. For example, candidate A has added his skills in the experience section, while candidate B has a sorted-out skills section in the resume. Once the resumes are imported into your recruitment software, the resume parsing feature fetches important data from the resume, so each resume has a similar format. After the resumes have been parsed, the applicant tracking software sorts out the candidates based on the applications that best match the job description. Using the ATS systems, you would want to look for the top applicants, for they would be the ones with the right skills, education, and experience that fit the given job position.

Candidate Tracking:

 Another beneficial feature of an applicant tracker system is candidate tracking. Once you’ve got the resumes, you can efficiently keep track of your applicants in the pipeline. You can easily keep tabs on your candidates’ progress, like which ones have made it to the hiring and which ones have been dropped by your clients. Such as your client has categorized five different candidates from your pool, you can keep an eye on their positions in the process:

Candidate A: Interviewing

Applicant B: Interviewing

Candidate C: Placement

Applicant D: Offer

Candidate E: Interviewing

Once your existing client is no longer considering the applicants, the candidates still will be in your recruiting database. It gives you access to their data, and you can easily reach them for future job opportunities. You can sort out the candidates into different groups based on their skills and experience. Let’s say you can make a separate group for finance applicants and another group for clinical specialists.

Benefits of Applicant Tracking System

Undoubtedly the benefits that come with using applicant tracking systems are numerous due to the features it offers. An applicant tracking program can add value to your recruiting efforts. Some of the distinctive benefits are the following:

Save time:

With the help of automation, applicant tracking software puts an end to the manual tasks by saving your recruiter’s valuable time. The recruiters can focus their energies and time on searching for and reaching the candidates rather than wasting it on manually entering the recruiting data into the system.

Reduce bias:

An applicant tracking freeware can help the hiring managers and recruiters to come across the most suitable candidates for a job position. It reduces human efforts, which a result lessens the chances of hiring bias. Such as configuring your applicant tracking freeware to find the best-matched being inconsiderate of their race, gender, or nationality. Whereas, the focus is on making their skills and experiences the basis of their selection.

Improve Candidate Quality:

Your ATS system guarantees the hiring of qualified employees as it automatically closes out the candidates that are not ideal for the position. What is more important is that your applicant tracking system helps you find the candidates who are up to the meticulous standards of your recruiting process.

Analyze Your Performance:

An applicant tracking software not only makes the recruiting process easier for you. But, it gives you the power to make it a better one, As it lets you generate, categorize, and analyze the data. You can easily channel your focus on effective and indiscriminate hiring sources with the right data at your disposal.

Create a Better Candidate Experience:

Surely, when an applicant applies for a position in a company, they expect it to have an advanced hiring process. If you have an ATS System in place. You can guarantee that an individual applicant gets a timely response to their application. You can offer an outstanding and trouble-free experience with your company. Whether in the end they are being selected for the position or not. Good candidate experience has become an important factor for a successful recruiting process with a good company reputation. The candidates have third-party review sites at their disposal to give feedback regarding their experience.

User-friendly Design:

The current applicant tracking programs with advanced technology are more user-friendly than the previous ones. With the scarcity of time, the majority of the hiring managers value the advanced design of the recruitment software, such as drag and drop and email automation. The most useful recruiting software are the ones with plug and play, with very few customization requirements, yet, they don’t demand high technical maintenance from their users.

Boost Recruiting Strategy:

To make strategic decisions, the hiring manager and recruiters need to use analytics. Only an effective recruitment operating system can help them with it. A top-notch applicant tracking solution offers the capacity to analyze large data sets acquired from different recruiting tasks. Tasks like sourcing, screening, interview scheduling, etc. This makes sense of where they are efficient vs. where they are experiencing costly disadvantageous holdups in their recruiting processes.

How is RecruitBPM different from other ATS?

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Job postings

Social recruiting tools

Easy data tracking

And more

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