Reports and Analytics

Digital technology has been offering new opportunities to the recruiters to think and perform innovatively. Now they can leverage the digital analytics to improve their ways of sourcing and recruiting. An applicant tracking system enables them to create broad talent profiles, containing details like experience, skills, and qualifications of the candidates.

RecruitBPM Reports and Analytics

Improve your recruiting process using hiring analytics and reports. It’s important to follow the references of the most potential candidates. It helps in improving your job board ROI as well as watching over the progress of the open jobs. To evaluate your hiring speed over time, get access to the comprehensive data. Analyzing the activity reports can be very helpful to improve your team performance.

RecruitBPM’s recruiting reports can be accessed in CSV or PDF formats, easily readable for your team to make data-driven decisions.

Reports and Analytics

User Activity Summary Report

The User Activity Summary Report gives you a complete overview of your entire recruiting process including the activities of both sales and recruiting team. For instance, addition in the pipeline and contact as well as job order submission from the members of sales team, while a summary of candidates submitted, recruited and placed against the job orders by the members of the recruiting team.

Productivity Reports

Get a summary of your sales and recruiting team’s activities and recruiting efforts spent from adding a job order to candidate submission, email and interviews etc. RecruitiBPM activity dashboard enables you to get an overview of your complete recruiting process.

Activity Reports

Activity dashboard also enables you view the detailed performance of a single member of your team or an individual candidate status. You can easily assess how many team members you need to make new hires.

User Activity Summary Report

Identify your Best Candidates Source

Access source reports, to know where you can find the top potential candidates, either from the job boards or from the recruiters. Make the most out of these metrics to improve your recruiting investments.

Source Received Report

It will let you know how many candidates you are getting from different sources i.e. job boards, paid advertising or recruiters etc. You can also test the strength of your employer brand. In return, this lets you know the effectiveness of your career page and social media strategy.

Why Track your Candidate Sources through RecruitBPM

There are different ways to track the candidate sources including applicants’ assessment, evaluating recruiters’ performance and analyzing the web sources etc. To pile up all this data into spreadsheets is often time-consuming and prone to errors. RecruitBPM, as an automated solution, eradicates such problems and simplify the whole recruitment process. It documents the recruiting sources automatically and generates valuable reports.

Best Candidates Source

Recruiting Proficiency

Have a detailed analysis of your recruiting team’s efforts and know how much they are putting in to bring the best candidates for current job orders and also for future hires. You will also be able to know how many candidates you will need to screen to deliver sufficiently valuable candidates for interviews.

Recruiters Performance Report

Hiring managers can study these reports to evaluate their recruiting team’s performance. They can figure out who is bringing the most candidates. How many efforts are put into processing the candidates further? With the internal company reports, transfer the data for integrations.

RecruitBPM dashboard also enables the users to view the jobs statuses. You are able to get an external view of the job-posts you are recruiting for. Moreover, you can also access the number of candidates in the pipeline at every step of hiring process.

Recruiter Performance Report

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