Most Common issues Recruiting Agencies face in hiring

Recruiting professionals face many challenges in the world of talent acquisition. We performed extensive research by talking to our clients, recruiters, and other personnel involved in the recruiting process. Through a detailed study, we have identified the major challenges that a recruiter or HR professional may face. Not only that but we also identified

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Staffing Agency Software for Employment Industry

The recruiting process has turned out to be extremely cut-throat in the current business world. Employment agencies are in huge competition with other businesses to search for top-notch talent, whereas other companies are also bound to sift through numerous resumes to get their hands on the best candidates. It’s very usual and acceptable to

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RecruitBPM Partners with eSkill to Offer Improved Candidate Skills’ Assessment

When it comes to the process of recruiting new employees or developing and promoting the existing ones for new openings in your organization; interviews and resumes are not enough to give you the whole picture. Undoubtedly, a candidate’s experience, qualifications, and references offer insight regarding their knowledge and past experience. Yet, one of the

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What Are the Advantages of RecruitBPM’s Applicant Tracking System?

In this era, the Applicant Tracking System is supposed to do much more than just track applicants. This software can be very beneficial to your company’s recruiting process as it is designed to systematize, streamline, and expedite the entire recruitment process. Here, we’ve compiled the major advantages to using RecruitBPM’s Applicant Tracking Software and

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What Does CRM Mean in Recruiting?

Undoubtedly there is cut-throat competition in the labor market. Now more than ever, employers have been very smart and careful when selecting new employees for their companies. While the applicants also have their choices and freedom when they are on the hunt for a job, and therefore they can choose their employers. Since it’s

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What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

According to research conduct on talent professionals by GetApp, it came to light that the respondents using an applicant tracking system (ATS) had been better in their recruiting endeavors – as 86.1% of them admitted that their hiring speed had increased due to an ATS system and 78.3% of them acknowledged improvement in their

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6 key ATS features that you need in 2021

6 Ats Features that you need in 2021

A traditional Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is great for very small businesses but when your organization has a variety of job postings and candidates, it’s a pain in the long term. Although you might be able to hold onto your current outdated ATS Features, But you would be missing out on the benefits that RecruitBPM could bring

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Is your Applicant Tracking System holding you back?

is your Applicant Tracking system holding you back

Selecting the right Applicant Tracking System for your business is a hectic task. The market is full of different options, ranging from basic to comprehensive Applicant Tracking Systems. Recruiting is a strenuous occupation, and the standards have changed over the period of time. Since this is an ever-evolving process, so are the standards associated with it. Just as it

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Best Applicant Tracking System for Small Businesses

Applicant tracking system for small businesses

The Best Applicant Tracking System for Small Businesses comes into play when you can’t afford a Hiring manager or a complete Hiring team for your small business. A majority of companies – of all sizes – mostly have the idea of time and effort being spent in hiring for an open position. Yet, it is riskier

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Why RecruitBPM is the Best Applicant Tracking System for Startups

why recruitbpm is best applicant tracking system and crm for startups

Resource Management is one of the biggest challenges early on, for any startup and undoubtedly at the heart of it is, hiring. Getting the right people, at the right time, plays a significant role in how a startup progresses and evolves, whichever industry it may be in. Most startups aren’t using an applicant tracking

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