Top 5 Market Competitive SaaS Solutions to Boost Workflow Optimizations

With the rising trends of SaaS-based marketplace culture, companies now invest in hosted services to improve their workflow optimizations. Different business process management software target the optimization of different business processes. However, a better-optimized result requires the optimization of as many business processes as possible. Although, now there are more than a hundred business management tools and platforms with promising benefits and better performance metrics in terms of both quality and quantity. Nonetheless, these business automation solutions are funneled down to a few major categories.

Top SaaS-based solutions for workflow optimizations

SaaS-based workflow optimizations are designed to integrate with a wide range of business sectors including but not limited to: B2B and B2C Agencies, Automotive Industry, Consumer Services, Ecommerce, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Non-Profit Organizations, Education Sectors, Professional Services, Real Estate, Start-ups, etc. Hence, we cannot undermine the effectiveness of the following functions.

  • SaaS-based Project Management Solutions
  • Email Marketing Solutions
  • Robotic Process Automation RPA
  • Applicant Tracking Software
  • Enterprise Resource Planning ERP

In this blog, we will briefly cover the value addition these solutions provide in achieving workflow optimizations.

SaaS-based Project Management Solutions – Asana, Monday and Jira

Agile Project Management tools and software provide seamless integration of sales and marketing activities for better project management. Moreover, it helps businesses in various workflow optimizations such as maintaining consistent communication, avoiding data leaks, and ensuring that sales and marketing departments are in sync with the tasks and timelines. Project Management tools and Task Automations help companies save time, improve accuracy, and organize and fetch data immediately. Hence, a typical agile project management model is visualized with the respective flow chart of organizational process flows and hierarchy of tasks that are run by any conventional business organization or certain departments of any business such as sales and marketing divisions or CRM and ERP segments of the companies.

project management cycle for workflow optimizations

There are plenty of amazing Project Management and Automation tools/software in the market. However, we have narrowed down the list to Asana, Monday, and Jira owing to their implementation, effectiveness, and feedback from clientele. Consequently, these dedicated SaaS solutions enable workflow optimizations by:

  • Categorizing your business project requirements into epics, user stories & smaller subtasks.
  • Implementing Kanban Boards for businesses to visualize their teams’ workflows by splitting them into various categories.
  • Workflows Automation by customizing the centralized project management boards for various triggers, permissions settings, inventory logs, and sale pipelines integration with CRM supplemented with visually intuitive flow charts and progress reports.
  • Integration of agile project management tools such as Scrum or Kanban knowledge base models to overview projects progress, track individual tasks, and plan sprints.
  • Agile testing, automation, and debugging of manual tasks supported with test case management for web and mobile apps with multiple knowledge management, monitoring, and operating tools.

Email Marketing Solutions – MailChimp

MailChimp is a web-based application, an all-in-one marketing platform that helps you manage and talk to your clients, customers, and other interested parties. Since MailChimp’s approach to marketing focuses on healthy contact management practices, beautifully designed campaigns, and powerful data analysis. Hence, the MailChimp marketing platform is a full suite of software built to:

  • Align Sales and Marketing Teams
  • Manage Audience
  • Create Marketing Campaigns
  • Optimize your Marketing Strategies to Generate More, Qualified Leads
  • Boost ROI of campaigns

Thus, an inter-connected network of MailChimp tools and features is categorized into 5 broad classifications to help you recognize the significant differences that MailChimp can create in your workflow optimizations and milestones.

  • Business Marketing
  • Audience Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Creative Assistant
  • Insights and Analytics

Robotic Process Automation – UiPath

Robotic Process Automation or RPA handles tedious, manual digital tasks and transfers the work of a human worker to a “digital worker”. RPA solutions save companies time and money while enhancing productivity by allowing associates to focus on mission-critical work. Hence, Robotic Process Automation solutions are designed to help businesses:

  • Invest Resources in Core Business Operations
  • Encourage Employees to Take Up More Critical Functions
  • Reduce Costs by Automating Tedious Routine Functions
  • Minimize Chances of Error – Improved Accuracy

Thus, various workflow optimizations are automated with the deployment of RPA solutions. These RPA solutions are categorized into 5 major segments to help you understand how they can create an impact in different workflow optimizations.

  • Marketing Automation Models
  • Data Flow Automation Models
  • Data Entry Automation Models
  • Customer Support Automation Models
  • Data Scraping Automation Models
  • Browser Automation Models
  • Desktop Automation Models

Applicant Tracking Software – RecruitBPM

Firstly, Applicant Tracking Software by RecruitBPM is an all-in-one talent acquisition solution. Secondly, it empowers the recruiters and HRs to optimize their workflow optimizations. AI integrations and recruitment chatbots integrated into their ATS make them a market leader when it comes to the workflow optimizations of recruitment processes. The ATS solution by RecruitBPM contains the following features.

  • Dedicated Mobile Application
  • GDPR Compliant Data Protection Model
  • Remote Talent Acquisition Incorporation
  • Intuitive Automations
  • Video Recruitment Integrations

Thus, an integrated panel of RecruitBPM ATS solution is grouped into 6 distinct categories to gauge workflow and process improvements. Moreover, the collective analytical data of these categories render the talent acquisition processes a success. These categories include:

  • Career Portal
  • Social Recruitment
  • Time and Expense Sheets
  • Job Orders Dashboard
  • Candidate Management Panel
  • Analytics and Reports

Firstly, we at RecruitBPM have dedicated and certified teams of experts and developers to integrate and power your talent acquisition processes with our ATS software. However, we do not just merely integrate it without undergoing a refined process of problem identification and solution proposition. Therefore, we go through 5 fundamental stages in our collaboration with businesses:

  1. Discovery and understanding of the objectives that you plan to accomplish by integrating the RecruitBPM ATS solution with your business.
  2. Evaluation whether integrating ATS addresses your business problems and enables you to achieve the desired objectives or not. In case it does not, we tailor a solution that best fits your business requirements. Otherwise, we proceed through the following stages.
  3. Configuration of ATS and its customization in line with your business requirements and workflows.
  4. Validation of the solution to ensure its seamless deployment.
  5. Implementation of the RecruitBPM ATS solution into your business.

Enterprise Resource Planning

NetSuite is a complete, and modern cloud ERP suite that provides your teams with advanced capabilities, such as AI to automate the manual processes that slow them down, and analytics to react to market shifts in real-time. Moreover, it provides automatic updates to stay current and gain a competitive advantage. Hence, the Oracle NetSuite is a completely cloud-based ERP with built-in AI tools designed to:

  • Automate Financial Processes
  • Gain Inventory Visibility
  • Optimize Supply Chain
  • Manage Orders Flawlessly
  • Increase Warehouse Efficiency

Thus, an inter-connected network of Oracle NetSuite ERP segments is categorized into 7 broad classifications to help you recognize the significant differences that NetSuite ERP can create in your workflow optimizations plan.

  • Financials
  • Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Risk Management and Compliance
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • SCM
  • NetSuite ERP Analytics

In conclusion, a combination of these SaaS solutions can boost the business process flows of your company significantly. From email marketing, and process automation solutions to recruitment optimizations, all the processes of your business processes are optimized to help you achieve your milestones quickly and effectively.

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