Resume Parsing is Important to Speed up the Recruiting Process


A majority of the applicant tracking systems and recruiting software include resume parsing feature when they offer packages to the users. Many of the employers and hiring professionals recognize that resume parsing is very helpful when it comes to filtering and selecting the candidates, but they might not be able to have an accurate understanding of what it is or how it is useful. Here is some particular information concerning resume parsing and its importance for the recruiting process.

What is Resume Parsing?

In order to respond to an open position or a job ad, when the applicants offer their resumes or CVs, these documents appear in all diverse formats like .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf and .pdf files etc. There are high chances that the candidates may have been using different terms to express the matching experience and similar education. In a Resume Parsing program, these documents are taken and converted into the formats that are used by the recruiting software, an organization is using currently, and facilitate to neutralize the language to have an easier comparison of the applicants.

Resume Parsing and Candidate filtering go hand-in-hand

After the conversion of submitted resumes and CVs into a format that an applicant tracking system is using, the resume parsers can evaluate applicants’ experience and educational qualifications. Subsequently, the resumes or CVs of the best applicants are made prominent in order to help the recruiting team in moving the applicants to the next stage of the recruitment process.

Benefits of having the Resumes Parsed

Having a resume parsing functionality can not only help the recruiters to save their time spent on adding the candidates into the company’s database but it also minimizes the chances of conscious and unconscious biases and also the human error in selecting the candidates. The recruiting teams don’t have to spend unnecessary time scrutinizing the resumes or insignificant differences between the applicants. Resume parsing makes it feasible for an organization to enlist a great number of resumes, which might bring in a high-quality talent into the company’s database.

This functionality can also be useful in improving the candidate experience. Given that resume filtering is time-saving, the recruiters can progress applicants through the recruitment process faster and correspond the related information more rapidly. Impeccably, it leads to reducing the time to hire at the same time as placing the best candidates in position before they begin to look for other opportunities.

Improvements in Resume Parsing

Resume parsing had been getting a bad reputation, particularly in its early phases. When this functionality was introduced for the first time, a few of the resume parsing programs had a very restricted capacity to change or modify the documents and recognize acute differences in languages. This caused the best and top talent being neglected and the subpar applicants making to the top just because they had used the right keywords smartly.

Yet with every day passed, the applicant tracking systems have enhanced in their capacity of converting the documents to any format or style used by the ATS and their ability to understand a huge vocabulary, so most of these issues have been tackled. Moreover, some of the ATS software have also become competent enough to convert information discovered on the applicants’ social media profiles and pages to a functional format, developing substitute sources for applicant data.

Job Advertisement and Resume Parsing

When advertising a job it is always a wise choice to have an applicant tracking system in place and that too with a resume parser integration. So, when a candidate applies for the job the resume parser automatically extract the applicant’s information and add it to the company’s database, and you don’t have to do it manually. Job advertisement must also be as much detail-oriented as possible, as this offers both the applicants and parsing programs more to benefit from.

Save maximum of your recruiting time by utilizing the leading recruiting software which offers all the updated features including resume parsing and advanced search to help you get the top talent faster.

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