Is your Applicant Recruiting Software Holding You Back?

Selecting the right Applicant Recruiting Software for your business is a hectic task. The market is full of different options, ranging from basic to comprehensive Applicant Recruiting Software.

Recruiting is a strenuous occupation. While the standards have changed over time. Since this is an ever-evolving process, so are the standards associated with it. Just as the whole recruiting process must be executed as quickly and efficiently as possible, having an Applicant Recruiting Software that supports your business process is equally pivotal.

Let’s consider a scenario where your current ATS runs smoothly, and you move through the process of interview, offer, and onboarding stages without any hassle but too slowly. There’s a high probability that you will lose candidates because your competitor has performed the same tasks much faster than you could. This surely is very frustrating, and it’s time to make a few improvements because your Applicant Tracking System is HOLDING YOU BACK!!!

If you are a recruiting organization and aren’t receiving as many applications as you hoped, it might be because your ATS and CRM are discouraging candidates and offering less integration. Below is a checklist that can be used to improve your recruiting experience:

Streamlined Application flow

The first thing a candidate looks for is user-friendliness and ease of use when applying for a new job. An applicant will lose interest in your application if the Applicant Recruiting Software takes too long to complete an application. A study revealed, candidates are 365% more likely to leave an application that takes 15 minutes or more to complete. As they say, “TIME IS MONEY”.

The key here is to count the number of steps the candidate must go through the application flow. The lesser the number of steps, the better the candidate experience because a typical candidate will find it frustrating if the process is time-consuming and enables redundancy. Make sure to eliminate or restate the repetitive questions more precisely. Providing Candidates with “auto-fill” areas can do wonders and help reduce the time for the application process.

The more candidates you have, the more probability of hiring the right candidate for your client will increase, and you will get the best fit.

Cloud-based ATS

It doesn’t matter where you are, and there’s always a cloud above you.

A traditional Applicant Recruiting Software requires an in-house IT team to maintain and upgrade the system, which puts an additional cost burden on the organization. In contrast, the Cloud-based Applicant Tracking Systems do not require software or in-house hardware. These systems are accessible from anywhere over the internet. The recruitment team does not have to chain themselves to a particular workplace or office. This Surely rings a bell with all this rampant COVID-19 pandemic.

Mobile optimized Applicant Recruiting Software

A mobile-optimized application process increases the likelihood of engaging your candidates and is essential for acquiring quality talent. By 2025, 75% of the global workforce will consist of millennials who have grown up with easy-to-use technologies and want to complete an application on the go rather than being chained to a desk.

If your Applicant Recruiting Software isn’t mobile-friendly. Then, you are missing out on candidates that only apply for the job through their smartphones. They don’t wait to have access from a laptop. For this purpose, your ATS Software must provide an application process that is accessible, updatable, modifiable, and can be completed through a mobile device.

Mobile Optimized ATS and CRM is the best option for staffing and hiring agencies.

Cost Effective ATS 

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, many firms are looking to reduce their costs. Now is the right time for you to consider whether your Applicant Recruiting Software is offering true value for money or not. If your software is draining your recruitment budget, it’s advised to look into whether you are using all the features available within your ATS. If not, this might be the best time to look into some other, more cost-effective options.

Read this ATS Comparison Report or Download it for later

Built-in Letters

Traditional Applicant Tracking Systems use MS Word to craft and save offer letters. This increases staff hours and eventually slows down the whole process. In contrast, a robust ATS has built-in offer letters that allow you to select a specific template and automatically send it to the relevant candidate through the system. Thus, making the hiring process a lot smoother, better and efficient.

If your Applicant Recruiting Software is causing you to lose out on eligible candidates due to communication gaps or inefficiencies. It’s probably time to upgrade to a new ATS, eliminating these short comings.

AI-Enabled Resume Parsing

Consider receiving applications from hundreds of candidates for specific job positions. How long is it going to take you to read every resume and search for the best suitable candidate? A lifetime maybe!

Now let’s talk about AI-enabled resume filtering. A good Applicant Tracking System uses keywords from the job posting. Further, it matches those found in the resumes due to its ability to parse thousands of resumes in seconds. This whole process weeds out the ineligible candidates and extracts a pool of qualified candidates. Rather than sifting through every resume manually, this automated process will save you plenty of time.

So, is your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) holding you back?

This checklist is just the tip of the iceberg for identifying items of concern that recruiting teams and their managers will face every day, just by using an outdated Applicant Recruiting Software. If you are missing out on several of these areas, they are in this checklist. Look at the modern Applicant Recruiting Software like RecruitBPM. Every feature listed here already exists in the new all-in-one Recruit BPM ATS and CRM software.

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