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Improve Your Candidate Experience with RecruitBPM’s ATS




If the candidates are having a negative experience with your job application process, it clearly indicates that either you are not an applicant tracking system user or you have no idea how to utilize your ATS to its full extent. A strong and reliable applicant tracking software can convert your hiring process into an efficient system. It will relieve your HR department from stress, offering a pleasant and an easy to follow the process to your prospective job applicants.

RecruitBPM ATS is a software application to enable electronic management of recruitment process and its requirements. Therefore, the best way to avoid such problems is to simplify your recruiting process with this applicant tracking system. Here is how an ATS can improve the candidate experience:

Offers a Smoother Application Process:

During the job applying process when a candidate does it through RecruitBPM, the applicant tracking system, the entire procedure is completed within it. The moment the candidates click on the ‘apply’ link, they are directed to fill out a short and comprehensive online application form. It is quite an easier and smoother procedure for the applicants rather than having them to email their resumes and cover letters to your HR department manually or downloading the application form to their desktop.

Moreover, once the applicant has made a submission, they can track the status of their application.

Familiarize the Candidates with Employer Brand:

The front-end of an applicant tracking software is most often represented as a ‘careers page’ or ‘careers site’. This section is an essential of your company’s website as you can announce your job openings here, share the working experience of your company employees, and give details regarding the benefits you offer along with promoting the company culture.

RecruitBPM also let the companies brand the application process with their logos and company colors. This feature in recruiting software guarantees to represent the online form as an extension of your website, provide a flawless application process, from the beginning till the end.

Consistent and Timely Candidate Communications:

Sometimes it can get really hard to have regular communications, particularly when a job opening attracts numerous applicants. You may not be able to connect with the unsuccessful candidates, leaving them with a suspense and uncertainty regarding their application progress. Sometimes, you might have to get a lot of calls from the candidates requesting updates on their application.

On the other hand, if you are interested in hiring a candidate but you might be postponing the application processing for a long time. There are high chances that disheartened with your untimely response that candidate might start to look for other opportunities. Hence, communicating with your candidates is very important in all circumstances.

RecruitBPM allows you to initiate and assemble automated emails which you can send to the candidates to inform them whether they have unsuccessful for a position or they are moving forward to the on-boarding process.

Increased Reach to Candidates:

Many of you might know about the social media recruitment, RecruitBPM has the feature to share new positions, with just a click of the button, across a company’s social media pages like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This enables your reach to a large number of potential candidates, with lesser chances of your followers missing out any new job openings. Nevertheless, you also don’t want the passive candidates to miss any opportunity of working with your company.

In a nutshell, using a smart recruiting tool like RecruitBPM is vital to offer your candidates an improved and positive job application experience. Learn more about RecruitBPM’s reliability and usability information among HR Software reviews on Fit Small Business, a leading digital resource for product’s complete details, reviews and comparison with other related applicant tracking systems.

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