Get Your HR Data Analytics Right with RecruitBPM’s ATS and CRM

With so much HR data to contend with, it is often difficult for firms to make sense of what the data is exactly telling us. Firms have a whole team that aligns with making sense of the HR data. With so many resources and a variety of tools, the team often falls short to understand from the HR data. The reason is simply that the source of data is often unable to provide the key metrics in identifying crucial patterns that can be crucial in making a potential candidate part of your team or motivating key resources in your organization to continue giving their best for the goals and objectives of the company.

In order to tackle this issue firms have increasingly employed the use of the Application Tracking System (ATS) along with the Customer Relation Management System (CRM) to make sense of the huge database of HR data that would otherwise gather dust in the company’s database. What the ATS and CRM proclaim to offer include a complete reporting and analytics suite that will not only provide you with crucial insights in order to gain the competitive edge while recruiting top quality resources for your company but also ensuring that the existing members of your team are kept on board and motivated in pursuing the goals and objectives of the company. Furthermore, it allows the organization to free up valuable resources that the company can use for other tasks. More importantly, ensuring that the company does not neglects the other processes of recruitment.

Yet many applications available in the market are unable to provide the tools and reporting dashboard they proclaim to offer in their manifesto. On the other hand, RecruitBPM offers the necessary tools that can make sense of all your HR data. While freeing up crucial resources and time that the company can allocate to other areas. Let’s take a look at the reporting features that make RecruitBPM stand out from the rest of the competition.

Customizable Reports and Dashboard

The executive management team gets a high-level view of the company’s progress updated through customizable reports and dashboard allowing them to focus on the key metrics of their choosing, helping them paint a picture of what actually the HR data foretells and what possible measures are needed to make the most of the information available in your database.

Recruiting Analytics

The use of Artificial Intelligence is increasing in every field. Likewise, recruiting has also caught up on this trend. With AI taking definitive steps in helping the recruiters gauge key trends in the industry. RecruitBPM’s analytics is no different. It allows a quick view of individual submissions, team statistics, and company sourcing summaries. The use of AI allows you to make the most of the HR data at your disposal.

HR Data Compliance Reporting

Recruiting firms and organizations have to ensure compliance with HR data and other legal regulations governing the recruitment industry. RecruitBPM ensures that all your regulatory compliance is intact. Therefore, helping you to manage all your recruitment processing in the prescribed manner. Further, it helps to avoid any potential legal ramifications that might arise due to non compliance.

Detailed Submission/Placement/Applicant Overview

This feature of RecruitBPM allows you to view which candidate submitted to the client for the particular job order. Thus, helping recruitment firms gauge the interest and desires of the candidates regarding the particular job. Further, you can also gauge their future aspirations. This helps the recruiters to approach a particular candidate for a similar role that matches their skill and expertise.

RecruitBPM offers the latest analytics tools and reporting. Thus, helping firms and recruiters make the most of the HR data. This can prove to be a treasure trove of information. Use this information to make the best possible hires augmenting your team. Further improving the chances of meeting the company’s desired goals and objectives from hiring. Access to information is not the key to success. But how you process that information will allow you to unlock the door to success. Therefore, RecruitBPM is the right technology partner to help you on this journey.

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