Resume Parsing is Pivotal to Speed Up The Recruiting Process

A majority of the applicant tracking systems and recruiting software include the resume parsing feature. Many employers and hiring professionals acknowledge the significance of resume parsing in filtering and shortlisting of candidates.  Yet, they might not possibly have insight and accurate understanding of what it is or how it works backstage.

Here is a detailed preview of the working of resume parsing feature and its importance in the recruiting process.

What is Resume Parsing?

When the applicants drop their resumes to recruiters in response to open job positions, these resume can be in any file format. These formats include .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf and .pdf etc. There are high chances that the candidates may have been using different terms to express the matching experience and education. Almost all state of art recruiting strategies employ resume parsing feature. In a Resume Parsing program, the resume are taken and converted into the required formats as prescribed by the employers. Moreover the resume parsing feature also facilitates in neutralizing the content of resumes to make them easier for comparison and analysis.

Resume Parsing and Candidate Filtering Go Hand-in-Hand

Now, the question arises  that what happens after the resumes and CVs have been converted into the desired format by an applicant tracking system? When an ATS is done parsing resumes, it begins evaluating the experience and educational qualifications of the candidates. Subsequently, the resumes or CVs of the best applicants are shortlisted. This helps the recruiting team in moving the applicants to the next stage of the recruitment process.

Benefits of Parsed Resumes 

Provision of a resume parsing feature assists the recruiters in saving plenty of their time which they can productively use otherwise. Additionally,  it minimizes the chances of conscious and/or unconscious bias associated with the conventional parsing of resumes. Similarly, elimination of human errors is also greatly possible owing to the use of applicant tracking software. The recruiting managers are thus liberated from the manual scrutiny of piles of resumes. Resume parsing makes it feasible for an organization to enlist a great number of qualified resumes for their employers. Additionally, it is also conducive in bringing a high turn over rate of quality candidates into the company’s database.

This profound functionality is also helpful in improving the over candidate’s experience. Since automated resume parsing saves plenty of time, it enables the recruiters to expedite the overall recruitment process. Moreover, hiring personnel can correspond to their candidate’s database rather easily and effectively.

Improvements in Resume Parsing

When the resume parsing feature marked its debut, it attracted a lot of negative reputation. The reason being it had a very restricted capacity to change or modify the documents and recognize acute differences in languages. Thus, causing the overlook and neglect of the best and top talent. Whereas, the subpar applicants kept making top the job placements just because they had used the right keywords smartly.

Over the time,  the applicant tracking systems reinforced and enhanced its capacity of converting the documents to any format or style used by the ATS. Furthermore, the ability to construe wide lexical resource also got better over time. In this way, the ATS kept addressing most of its drawbacks. At present, some ATSs are so intelligent that they can extract key information even from the social media profiles of the prospective potential candidates, thus generating itself alternatives to develop its database.

Job Advertisement and Resume Parsing

When advertising a job, it is always wise to have an applicant tracking system in place integrated with a resume parsing feature. Thereby, any time an applicant applied for any job, ATS automatically extracts and stores its information in its database. In order to optimize it, the job advertisements should be as much in detail as possible. This enables both the applicants and parsing programs to take leverage in the process of recruitment.

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