As an employer, you may be using various HR or recruiting tools, and the goal of every employer should be to maximize the performance of your ATS. As ATS has become a key component in saving costs and efforts and streamlining hiring processes. Read the next section what will you be learning from this blog.

What is the Benefit that You Get When You Maximize the Performance of your ATS

This article highlights how ATS can increase your online visibility to passive candidates and improve candidate response rates. You will also get some insight regarding the increase in recruiter productivity when requisition loads are heavy. You will not only be able to enhance the traffic on your site but also add unique applicants into your applicant tracking system every month. 

By taking an advantage of assets that you might be underusing from your applicant tracking system (ATS), you can achieve desired results. A recent stat shows that investors are now showing a lot of interest in ATS by investing quite heavily in it. Not only that the overall cost can exceed beyond its support team and the platform itself.

If companies use the ATS in the same way they use their customer relationship management tool and make use of the data they have, they can easily maximize their ROI (return on investment). Rather than putting all their efforts into focusing candidates on external networks, they should develop effective marketing strategies for the candidates that they already have within the system.

When a candidate submits an application through your applicant tracking system and in doing so spends time going through an application process, it clearly indicates his/her commitment and interest in your company.

Try to build on this relationship, as it is observed that those candidates who know your brand result in a 17% higher response rate as compared to the ones in cold lists. Likewise, there is a 13:1 ratio where candidates have a history of applying with the company and they are the ones who are more likely to refer to these jobs on social media networks. However, those candidates who don’t have any idea about the brand are least likely to refer.

How to Maximize the performance of your ATS?

The 10 steps given below can guide you on how to maximize the performance of your ATS.


Get a clear understanding of your ATS along with the types of candidate data that you can download from the system

The data includes first name, last name, location, email address, phone, job application, and job status. Here status holds critical importance because it identifies previous applicants and their outcomes. It also tells you if they are currently employed or not.


You should know in advance what you want to do with that downloaded data. Following are some of the questions to ask yourself

  • Do you want to target new hires or touch internal employee data for a campaign?
  • Where can you promote jobs geographically or locally?
  • Do you want to target multiple jobs or just a single job?
  • Are you looking to support a networking event or a job fair?
  • Do you want to support a presentation or a campus hiring event?


Decide how you will reach all the candidates

Calling, emailing, texting, or by social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are ways to reach your prospects. There is a host of tools available that can help you accelerate, measure, and manage your strategies. While you are planning your strategy, don’t forget that the planning should be on the front end to know the best and worst-case scenarios. Things like who will follow up with the call to action activity, and what will happen in case the volume exceeds your expectation.


Plan your calls and messaging to connect with your candidates

To achieve your end goals you must create a strong and meaningful messaging that clearly describes your end goals. These goals may showcase the application procedure, how a recruiter can be contacted, how to schedule interviews, or collecting interest in joining a career-related event. Don’t make the mistake of using the same approach for all kinds of messaging. Ponder having the message derive from a recruiter versus a hiring manager. This helps in cases where the target population is in increased demand.


Use Pictures/Images

Images play an important role in visual strategy. You need to decide what images can be associated with particular campaigns. It is important to project consistency with your overall employment brand, at the same time in order to communicate to the audience there is still room to convey the special messaging that you are looking for.


Consider the voice

Voice strategy is something that includes a video or pre-recorded calling campaign. It includes the tone, which can be either masculine or feminine. You should also consider the pace of the tone. All these things can make a difference.


Take a look at your client group and subject matter experts

People often miss this step, which should never be overlooked. It is observed in many cases that candidates directly reach out to the business team. Always check with your team when a candidate sidesteps your intended process.


Make sure the project is reportable and measurable to the business team

Statistics and numbers are powerful ways to judge the performance of ATS. There are several important elements to keep track of. Such as, tracking the number of hires made, interviews conducted, candidate screens, attendees, number of new applicants, etc. Keep a baseline in view and compare the results of your marketing efforts.


Look out for Trends to maximize the performance of your ATS

Recent trends like Opt-out rates, social referrals, and hires per recruiter over time, need to be monitored over a period of four to five months. It will give you a better understanding of whether the proposed outcome was the factual outcome.


Perform tests in order to refine your strategy afterwards.

By listening to the feedback of candidates, monitoring trends, and using your metrics you can refine your strategy and maximize the performance of your ATS. For example, by sending two similar video emails to candidates from the recruiter and the hiring manager.  Video messages provide much better results in terms of the quality of the applicant.


Organizations all over the world make huge investments to build applicant traffic, likewise, applicants also invest their time and efforts in your active jobs. It is up to recruiters to maximize this investment in ATS and increase their productivity. Following the above steps can more likely help you to maximize the performance of your ATS.

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