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What If LinkedIn Went Away?

Scary question, right?

3 out of 5 recruiters responded to a quick survey with ‘their industry would quit if LinkedIn disappeared one fine day”. That’s quite an alarming result.

The same was said of Job Boards in the early 2000’s, right? But it’s good to have a backup plan, just in case. Read all about what life could be like – after LinkedIn!

The Importance of Work Locations in Hiring

As companies and employees both are slowly and gradually giving in to the possibility of remote (or work from home jobs), the question of its effectiveness has risen considerably. There’s a lot of extremely interesting conclusions on the topic of work locations and their importance for candidates.

Take for example this finding which says “During the initial point of a person’s career, the infrastructure of the city he works in, has less importance”.

The Key Steps to Implementing a New ATS!

Streamlining your talent acquisition process requires a quality applicant tracking system, that is made according to your needs. If the requirements are not met properly, even the most sophisticated ATS technologies won’t be of much use.

Want to avoid such issues and get right to the action – so to speak. This article on key issues to consider before implementing a new ATS is exactly what you need.

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