Top 10 Recruiting Blogs to Read for 2022

Nowadays, we live in a world where we are always on the internet, whether it’s through the usage of our smartphones or using a computer or laptop. Consequently, there is a vast variety of resources available for HR professionals all the time. For those HR leaders who want to be ahead of the latest recruitment or hiring trends, reading through recruiting blogs is a very effective source of information. The recruiting blogs let them accumulate new ideas, discover new techniques to resolve workplace problems. Further, it provides insights on advanced recruitment technology and much more.

However, the issue is the increasing quantity of recruiting-focused blogs now accessible. Whereas a few of them are quite useful, the others prove to be inadequate. Keeping this in view, we have put together some of the most prominent recruiting blogs, and a few of the upstarts that HR professionals should consider worth reading in 2019. By following the given blogs, they are able to access all the information they need.

Undercover Recruiter

Undercover Recruiter is one of the blogs providing the very useful and latest information regarding recruiting and human resources. The content, this outstanding blog distributes covers a variety of topics, and often is very inspiring, and offers different perspectives on each topic. Whether its industry trends, resume tips, interview tips and tricks (for both the employers and the candidates), workplace best practices, and latest information on the advanced job search are just a few of the topics being dealt with in routine along with very interesting insights provided by the leading voices in the industry.


SourceCon was initially developed as a hub of educational conference particularly devoted to telephone and internet researchers, sourcers, sourcing heads, and those who have a significant interest in knowing more about the field and techniques of recruitment sourcing. Within very less time SourceCon had quickly transformed itself into one of the best recruitment centers for recruitment news and information. This website specifically delivers tips and techniques for the recruiters who are newbies in their careers and also offers the latest industry news, reports, surveys, and useful advice.


Founded in 1998, ERE had launched itself as one of the most reputable recruiting blogs in the world of the internet. It offers content for the corporate world of recruitment. Yet the insights and reporting mechanisms they provide are all-inclusive and invaluable resources for anyone who seeking medium or long-term predictions regarding the hiring and recruiting trends and industry.

Recruiter Magazine

As a matter of fact, evident through its name, it’s a magazine dedicated to the recruitment industry. Recruiter Magazine is a UK-based publication and it has been distributing eminent recruiting content for the readers both online and in print. Certainly, a few of its sections are particularly related to the British Region, but the general articulation and elements of this blog are designed for the recruiting professionals and recruitment industry all over the world.

Social Hire

Social Hire is a website and blog that exclusively covers the area of social recruiting. The content under this website is specifically designed for social media recruiting and other relevant themes. Yet, the insights and topics it offers can be useful for any HR professional.

A list of top recruiting blogs that don’t include is incomplete. This incredible website offers insights, comprehensive, informative, and frequently valuable articles. These are particularly for the HR professionals who are working within the boundaries of recruitment.

LinkedIn Talent Blog

Even though it’s not exclusive to recruitment. However, the LinkedIn Talent Blog includes quite valuable freelancers and their own writers that the recruiting professionals need to focus on. The advantage of this blog is that it brings together writers from different parts of the world under one platform. They offer you insights from their own peculiar experiences. It has a complete section for “Recruitment Strategies, Tips, and Trends”. Therefore, this blog is worthwhile checking for any recruiting professional.

Fistful of Talent

Fistful of Talent is a pleasant addition to the list of top recruiting blogs. It is different from the typical professional HR blogs. This blog includes a vast range of articles that are a pleasure in reading as well as learn something new. For instance, one of the most popular articles of this recruiting blog is Talent and Vomit- A Metaphor.


TLNT is a subsidiary of ERE. Since 2010, it has been providing news, analysis, and opinion of talent management professionals with respect to the recruitment industry. This blog distributes content on a variety of topics including insights and analysis into HR-related topics. Such as talent management, development and training, rewards, legal and ethical issues and HR technology and software among many others. This blog also features top stories from the “best-of-the-rest” HR blogs, turning itself into a one-stop-shop for all information related to talent.


Yes, that’s us! The reason for adding RecruitBPM to this list is because of the articles that we offer. We dig deep into the recruitment topics in routine. Further, we offer content that includes the latest trends and tips regarding the recruiting industry. It will help the recruiters and HR professionals increase their productivity.

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