Three Ways To Retain Your Best Employees

If somebody asked you, what is the best way to keep your best employees happy? You would, most probably, say two words “increase compensation”. However, there are many other factors as well that are pivotal to keep the best employees at bay from competitors.

Foster Clear Career Paths for Best Employees

After monetary benefits, the best employees look for an opportunity to grow, learn and develop in house. Moreover, it is witnessed to be the second biggest attraction for most working people. Whenever people start working for you, they will naturally think, “Where do I go from here?” or “Where will I be in five to ten years?” It goes without saying that grass looks greener on the other side, however, if the employer can satisfy these concerns, then most of the employees would prefer to stay with the company rather than sailing away. Employees loyal to the company should be rewarded in terms of healthy bonuses and appreciation as well.

Recruiting agencies usually hire people for a particular set of tasks, which makes their job a bit harder if the employee wants to switch to another position within the company later in their career. This movement definitely has its share of advantages clearly, because talented people can potentially add value and business to your company.

Nurture Connections and Relationships

There is no denying the famous saying that “people leave bosses and not companies”. A strong reason for employees, either joining or staying, is the positive bonding  the managers practice with their coworkers.

Likewise, connecting to your team is critical. Moreover, try to make the work station look more interactive and engaging so that people don’t get bored easily. One thing that facilitates connecting with employees is reinforcing the collaborative work through recognition. When team members develop the habit of mutual encouragement and fostering, it creates a virtuous circle of combined growth. This positive behavior enables the team to greater productivity.

A simple “thank you” can do wonders and you can experience visible willingness of employees to coordinate among themselves.

Define and Encourage Higher Purpose

Equally important if not more is the fact that your co-workers should have a sense of purpose, which is often missing. When it is conducive for employees to discover their sense of purpose, they tend to put in extra efforts to their assigned tasks.

When each member of the company understands his/her value and role within the company, he/she not only meets their KPIs but also supports the company’s overall culture and moral standing. A manager should explain to every team member how important their job means to the company, the company’s products, and eventually to their customers.


Communication alone plays a major role in retaining your best employees. If someone appreciates your efforts, it immediately gives you a boost to work even harder in future. Every employee is unique and important to each other when it comes to coordinating with each other. No doubt compensation is a great motivator. However, it is equally important that you develop a sense of trust and loyalty. Nowadays, recruiters are incorporating AI in recruiting for effective staffing management and a better candidate experience.

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