Speed Up The Recruiting With Texting

Technology is changing the recruiting world. We have seen new developments such as recruiting with texting approach within organizations enables them to acquire potential candidates. For job candidates, wait-time to hear back about a job position appears to be endless. With conventional recruiting software, candidates need to wait for days or weeks for a hiring manager’s decision. However, now there is a new tool in marketing that exclusively cuts the overall hiring lag time i.e. texting. More than 90% of the organizations who have utilized texting for hiring, affirm that it greatly decreased their hiring time. Nearly 78% of the job seekers got jobs by means of texts and mobile devices. This article helps you take a look at how texting can be helpful for you to hire potential candidates faster.

Faster and Flexible Communication

A majority of people use mobile devices for an average of five hours daily. They may also spend their time on a computer during work, but usually, they are on their phones. A study disclosed that the response rate for reading a text (30%) is much higher than reading an email (4%). Incorporating texting in your recruiting strategy saves you considerable amount of time. Moreover, it offers a two-way dialogue platform between the hiring manager and the candidate. For instance, asking simple “yes” or “no” questions will exhibit best response time and will make the candidates feel most convenient. Furthermore, they will be better able to contact you with their questions. Likewise, it also helps the selected candidates with their onboarding process later.

Improves Recruiting Productivity

Productivity is indispensable for any workplace. As a busy recruiter or hiring manager, you might already have an understanding of how time-consuming it can be to go through the hiring process. From the beginning till end, recruiting with texting rather offers a more productive option. Applicants can view the job’s description and submit an application by texting to a dedicated number.

Speed Up Pre-Screening With Texting

For several people, screening candidates adds another task to daily tasks. Surely, removing candidates who are not good fit saves time for both, the recruiters and applicants. Make a conversation with the candidates through texts to learn more about them and their qualifications. You can also provide them with company details like benefits, perks, and detailed information via texting. Applicants value quick communication, and you can hire the most qualified individuals. In addition to it, you can also gather data regarding candidates through texts linked to your recruiting software or applicant tracking system. This enables other interviewers and hiring managers to evaluate whether or not a candidate is worth pursuing for.

Replace Outdated Interview Approaches

An efficient hiring manager can deal with 4 to 6 phone interviews in routine. By leveraging recruiting with texting, this number can be increased to 10. It takes time to call candidates over the phone or to invite them in for an interview as you naturally question them one by one. Nonetheless, screening applicants through text interviews will let you ask them pre-selected questions and record their responses immediately. You can also continue with multiple conversations simultaneously. Only the most qualified applicants will be screened for follow-up interviews.

With the advent of mobile devices, lengthy job recruiting processes are part of history. Hiring managers are going with the choice of text messages to expedite the pre-screening process, manage interviews conveniently, decrease hiring time, whittle down candidates list much more aptly and quickly .

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