Happy Monday! Here’s a round-up of all the most interesting news related to recruiting. RecruitBPM has shared with our social media community recently. We’ll keep it short, but sweet and packed full of useful information.

Social Recruiting

One of the most intriguing articles we shared recently dealt with The Future of Recruiting: Hiring in the Digital Age. Nicole Fallon Taylor has laid out how recruiting processes are already heavily integrated with digital platforms (most notably LinkedIn). She also discusses the importance of employee brand, fast and easy hiring processes, and the growing focus on advanced analytics and reporting. Check out her story on Business News Daily.


Recruiting Metrics

Here at RecruitBPM, we understand the importance of metrics, reporting, and advanced analytics. Our applicant tracking system has robust reporting options, and this article by Bud Taylor at ERE Media hones in on a few of the key metrics that you and your ATS should be tracking. Just as importantly, Taylor explores if and when it’s okay to ignore the metrics in favor of other, less tangible qualities in an employee (Spoiler Alert: it is okay, sometimes).


Recruiting The Right Applicants

This truly fascinating article by Magi Graziano at ERE Media, 5 Hidden Costs of Mishires, explores the often unseen side-effects of hiring the wrong candidates. Besides not adequately fulfilling the role your business was hiring applicants for, there are other potentially severe consequences of investing in a candidate who doesn’t fit in your organization. Some of the things Magi takes a look at include: customer satisfaction, employee morale, company culture problems, and more.


Leadership and Management

One topic that is always worth reading about (because there are so many differing opinions on the subject) is leadership. Especially when there’s an article like this one by Michele M Smith. She focuses specifically on The 4 Most Effective Leadership Skills and the behaviors that are indicative of a good leader. This is especially true for our customers who are small business owners. I won’t spoil those behaviors, but believe me when I say that this article is well worth your time.


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