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There are numerous benefits that job boards offer to the recruiters and HR professionals. There many incentives for the recruiters to use job boards, but the most important one are their ability to integrate with applicant tracking systems.

As a recruiter or hiring professional when you post an open position on a job board, you are most likely to get a great number of applications against that job. Sorting these applications individually might consume a great part of your time and it is also obvious that a majority of those candidates might not be qualified.

Using a job board that is integrated with your applicant tracking system (ATS) will help you discover the most suitable candidates faster. The applications get filtered through job boards integration with ATS, and this recruiting software very effectively narrows down the applicants prior to your sourcing process.

An applicant tracking system can be very helpful as it can draw the candidates from different sources into the same pipeline. This feature is very beneficial particularly in case of multiple job boards’ integration.

RecruitBPM integrates with Job Inventory

We understand the importance of online job boards for both the employers and the candidates. Therefore, we eagerly announce RecruitBPM’s integration with Job Inventory one of the most popular and well-liked job boards.

So, what basically Job Inventory is for? For the most part, it works as a job search engine, enabling the job seekers to find their dream job with a quick and simple search. It brings all the jobs in one place for the applicants, saving them from spending countless hours on different sites.

Being functional from 2009, Job Inventory now has a daily jobs index of approximately 6 million jobs fetched from some the best and well-reputed job sites. What makes this job board unique is the No Ads policy, in more clear words no ads are posted on this job board.

This integration allows you to post the job form one platform, dropping all the applications in one place, saving you from the fuss of posting the jobs and parsing through applications on different job sites. All in all, it simplifies your whole recruiting process.

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RecruitBPM’s integration with Job Inventory enables its reach to a larger number of applicants and removes the complexity of posting the jobs from outside the RercuitBPM platform.

So, if you are already a RecruitBPM and Job Inventor user, you can find out more about the integration activation here. If you are yet to use RecruitBPM, sign up for a live demo and find out how the free applicant tracking system works for your business.


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