RecruitBPM Partners with eSkill to Offer Improved Candidate Skills’ Assessment


When it comes to the process of recruiting new employees or developing and promoting the existing ones for new openings in your organization; interviews and resumes are not enough to give you the whole picture. Undoubtedly, a candidate’s experience, qualifications, and references offer insight regarding their knowledge and past experience. Yet, one of the most efficient methods to get proper insights into the candidate’s capabilities and proficiency is to carry out an assessment of their skills.

What is Skills Assessment?

In the simplest words, a skills assessment is performed to evaluate whether an individual has the aptitude to bring off peculiar skill or skillsets. Most commonly, it’s an assessment of skillsets peculiar to a job position. Theoretically, the evaluation records the level of excellence for individual skill, to help you identify which participants are at the beginner level and which ones have advanced proficiency for the peculiar skills.

There are various techniques and resources to carry out skills assessment, for example, you can perform the evaluation in person and/or online through mockup tests, questionnaires, and observation. For instance, the skillsets for “managing project risks” may be evaluated with the detailed prerequisite: “Skilled to spot and catalog risks and speculations linked to the projects. Contemplates the effects on the entire system while pinpointing risks. Cooperates with team members and interested parties to formulate strategies for dealing with the risks and corroborates incorporation of participation from all major stakeholder groups. Comes down with contingency plans and catalogs them in order to lessen or alleviate the risk factors.” The status of skillsets could be evaluated with competency indicators of: “Limited,” “Basic,” “Intermediate,” “Advanced,” or “Expert.” 

Nonetheless, you might be preferring to perform systemized, unbiased evaluations, in order to have a reliable comparison of the results gathered from all the evaluations. A large number of companies employ a skills management system like eSkill™, to generate and send online skills evaluations conditional to the job position(s) across the organization. The results are consolidated, constantly up-to-date, and readily accessible.

Reasons to Use RecruitBPM and eSkill’s Assessment Platform

On one hand, some of the candidates may have an excellent educational background, while others may have extraordinary job experience. Skills evaluation tests are not partial to how employees got their skillsets, they evaluate what are abilities the employees have. RecruitBPM’s applicant tracking system integrated eSkill, offers customized tests that are usually employed for a variety of recruiting and employee growth initiatives:  

  • Recruiting: Employing an applicant tracking system with a skills evaluation test can be quite useful for the recruiters and HR professionals to consolidate the list of applicants to interview or to select the right one from the final applicants for a vacant position.
  • Career Development: Another usage of recruiting software with skills assessment test is for evaluating the potential and productivity of the existing employees, to let them have knowledge of the improvement of their essential skills as they increase their experience.  
  • Learning and Development: A skills assessment can work as an elementary and impartial checkpoint to guarantee that the training is actually effective to help the employees advance along their learning path.
  • Quick Adoption of New Skills: The COVID-19 pandemic is a reminder for us to believe that the skills go under constant evolvement. From efficiently employing the usage of video meetings to practicing new social distancing protocols or business practices, organizations can have precise insights into the employees’ level of expertise for the new essential skill before clearing them for work.

Advantages of Using RecruitBPM and eSkill for Skills Assessment

Given the fact that RecruitBPM’s skills assessment tests are developed to impartially evaluate the skills of the individuals, there are unlimited advantages of utilizing them. Below are just a few:

  • Lessened Bias: Particularly during the recruiting process, fundamental partialities can influence the hiring decisions. The more focus is directed to skills assessment, the less will be partiality towards the factors such as age, gender, former employer, qualifications, location, and other aspects that can involuntarily influence a recruiter or an HR manager.
  • Reliability: In the absence of an applicant tracking system with a skills assessment solution integration, HR managers have only to rely on the human reports of expertise – lacking an impartial agreement on the “scale.” Some job applicants may rate their skills as “3” on a 3-point scale, while others may rank them as “2” – despite their levels of expertise may be the same. Hence, a skills assessment system performs excellently assigning impartial meaning to that 1-2-3- scale.
  • Personalized Development Strategies: Not having advanced level expertise in the skillsets required for a job shouldn’t be a barrier for a competent employees’ promotion or hiring new ones. A skills assessment test can prove to very useful in identifying precisely the fields where individuals are required to improve their skills, hence, a piece of cake for them to design an appropriate, personalized learning and development strategy. 
  • Evaluate Improvement: Whether keeping a track of the evolvement of individuals or teams, consistent use of RecruitBPM’s skills assessment test can verify the improvements – or track down the skill fields where the training and support must be increased.
  • Employee Engagement: Undoubtedly in every organization, there are those employees who want to learn and grow. Skills assessment comes with the main purpose of helping them to grow; identifying and helping with the improvement of their skills keeps the employees engaged.

RecruitBPM Teams up with eSkill

RecruitBPM has partnered with eSkill to provide the recruiters and HR professionals with an integrated solution developed to introduce efficiency and efficacy to your recruiting and hiring processes. As automation is brought into your pre-employment assessments, it expedites your recruiting and hiring processes since you don’t have to sift through hundreds of thousands of applications anymore.

eSkill integration with RecruitBPM’s applicant tracking system allows the users to manifest a great level of control over the assessment of the candidates’ skills, and pre-hiring evaluation tests and results. This integration lets you develop customizable employment assessment tests from the extensive modular subject library available in the eSkill Test Center and send personalized tests directly to the applicants.

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