Tracking potential candidates and maintaining a substantial database of resumes is always a challenging task for recruiters. To find the best fitting candidate, recruiters also have to search for passive candidates on different online platforms. Although in recent years, applicant tracking system and talent acquisition tools simplified the hectic and time-consuming hiring tasks, but it still takes considerable time to build an authentic database of candidate resumes. Resume-Library has reformed this daunting task into a trouble-free job by offering an extensive database that allows recruiters to quickly fill open positions.

RecruitBPM recruiting software recently integrated with Resume-Library, one of the fastest growing job sites in the U.S. This means users can now gain on-demand access to the popular job site’s unrivaled Resume Database. Recruiters can search millions of candidate resumes from hundreds of sources to find a perfect hire and contact the candidates directly.

How Will the Integration Work?

The integration will enable users of RecruitBPM applicant tracking system to view and unlock a massive pool of fresh resumes, directly from Resume-Library’s extensive database. Resume-Library has seen over six million candidates register on its site in the last 12 months, bringing its total number of resumes to over 10 million.

All RecruitBPM users can now search the Resume-Library Database from within the application, regardless of whether you have a Resume-Library account or not.

How Can I Make the Most of The Resume-Library?

As mentioned above, you can get searching straight away. Using Resume-Library Search in RecruitBPM, you can find top candidates based on keywords, skills, institutions, and locations within resumes.

Once you come across a resume from Resume-Library, you’ll have the option to “unlock” it. Until you do, you’ll see a redacted version of the resume (essentially, where the contact details are hidden).

Contacting Candidates

Reaching out to a candidate that hasn’t applied for your job may seem a little daunting. However, now it has become a lot simpler than you think!

Just give them a call and let them know you found their details on Resume-Library. Explain that you have an exciting opportunity available and be sure to send a summary email once the call is over.

What are the Benefits of integration with Resume-Library?

This new integration enables RecruitBPM users to search resumes all in one place. Thus, saving hiring professionals a lot of their time and effort. Given the state of the current market and the fact that it’s extremely important to be proactive in hiring. Hence, providing access to even more resumes helps RecruitBPM users to get more better and active talent.

Ready to Get Started?

For a free demo of the RecruitBPM and Resume-Library integration, sign up here.

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