Important Recruiting Trends To Keep In Mind For 2023

Progressive and flexible companies are always on the lookout for factors that help them stay ahead of their recruiting competition. Be it in the field of marketing, production, technology or the company’s own workforce.

Recruiting Software Trends In 2022

Heading into 2022, many companies are expecting hiring volumes to increase considerably. This effectively means they need to elevate their recruiting patterns in order to attract and wield the top industry talent.

LinkedIn recently published a report focusing on the recruitment market in 2022 (particularly for small and medium-sized businesses) and how the recruiting landscape is set to change in the future.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the LinkedIn report:

Top Talent is The Top Priority

No surprises here. Hiring the right people is always going to be a priority for HR – even more so in 2022 with the number of hiring expected to increase exponentially.

The need to find the right candidates puts recruiters in a tough spot – competition for quality talent is going to be stiffer than ever before.

Employee Referrals- Pivotal To Hiring Decisions

How often do you see a new employee hired through a friend, colleague or even a family member?

The trend has been substantially visible lately – only to be validated by the LinkedIn 2017 report. Nearly 50% of all hiring within companies (regardless of their size) takes place via formal and informal employee referrals.

In response to this trend, large organizations, particularly multi-national corporations, have been investing quite heavily in optimizing their internal employee referral schemes, as well as gauging features of various applicant tracking systems (ATS)- thanks to the prevailing recruiting software trends.

Re-allocation of Recruitment Resources

Even with such a wide array of online and digital tools at a recruiter’s disposal, the top 2 platforms for hiring will remain the same as they were a decade ago – Job boards and agency onboarding.

Once again, this comes as no surprise – success is subject to through understanding and implementing the basics.

However, with the expected contraction of budgets, companies would want to refocus their energy on employer branding – which if done right, can have profound impact on attracting top industry talent.

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The Future and Beyond

The future of recruitment stands on 3 critical factors. It includes a diverse workforce, soft skill evaluations and innovative interviewing platforms and tools.

Implementation of these three features will no doubt be challenging. Nonetheless, they do have the potential to change the status quo as we move into the future ahead.

Consequently, the future of recruiting landscape presents abundant growth opportunities despite the associated challenges.

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