Impact of Boolean Search Recruiting on Candidate Search?

Screening and narrowing down the right candidates for a position can be a tough task for any recruiter. However, using Boolean search recruiting can solve this challenging task for recruiters. It’s most useful when the recruiting intensifies in searching for the right candidate. Career Builder survey has shown that 74% of recruiting results in wrong hiring. Therefore, Boolean search saves a lot of time for recruiters and can improve the quality of hiring. Mathematician, George Boole introduced the Boolean Logic which includes variables that are either “true” or “false”, or “on” or “off”. Now, this logic exists in almost all digital devices and computer codes. It’s a skill that top recruiters should know. It is very useful when it comes to recruiting as it simplifies candidate search from various job portals and Google.

Boolean Search Recruiting & Boolean Search Operator

What is Boolean Search? How does it work? How Boolean search recruiting saves time for recruiters?  Don’t Worry! All of these questions will be answered by the end of this blog. Boolean Search has three main operators i.e. “And”, “OR” and “Not”. Using a combination of keywords and these three Boolean operators organizes your searches to generate accurate and relevant results. Thus, enabling recruiters to get more appropriate results. Boolean Search has five key elements of syntax and the process of performing a Boolean search recruiting is explained below.


And is a very key operator that helps your narrow down your search. You can narrow down your search when you want to include two or more criteria in the candidate search for example Writer AND Engineer. Thus giving you specific results related to these keywords.


The operator OR is useful to expand your search results. People use different words or synonyms for the same things. For example, related terms like Finance OR Banking OR Accounting.


This term becomes useful in boolean search recruiting when you want to exclude certain terms from your search results. You can also use Minus “-” For example, “NOT Manager” or “-SEO”.

Parentheses ()

The use of parentheses/brackets to group multiple search strings to get a combination of results. For example, if you are looking for either a developer or a designer but must have knowledge of Java then you need to just put query of “(designer or developer) AND CSS” thus indicating that the developer or designer must have CSS knowledge. Let’s look at another example such as in the case of “developer OR (designer AND Java)” which means that knowledge of Java is compulsory for the designer but not for the developer.

Quotation marks “”

When you want to get results exactly matching your search phrase then use quotation marks. How? Just put quotations along with your words and you get the exact phrase results. For example, “employee satisfaction”.

Applying these elements properly along with your desired keywords helps generate appropriate search results. Further, it creates an extensive range of search operations and allows you to create specific search strings as there are no limits to using these elements in search. It saves a lot of time that recruiters consume in filtering results.

Boolean search recruiting is an advanced user search option as it allows you to be specific in your searches to pick passive job seekers through its algorithms.

Feature of Boolean Search in RecruitBPM ATS

Boolean Search is the best way to reach out to your potential candidates. It can help recruit good talent with simple Boolean techniques. Moreover, it helps to find and search that exactly matches your requirements.

RecruitBPM has integrated this key feature of Boolean Search in its ATS recruitment software. It allows you to get precise and accurate results when searching for candidates using specific combinations with your keywords. Another benefit of this feature is that it allows you to find suitable candidates through filtering experience, education, and location. Take a Demo Now  to learn more about this feature and other great features RecruitBPM.

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