G2 Summer 2021 Report: RecruitBPM Is Now a Momentum Leader and High Performer!!

Its 2021 and RecruitBPM has performed exceptionally well in the G2 Summer 2021 Report with four badges. Due to the appreciation of our valuable members, RecruitBPM keeps achieving new and exciting milestones. After being awarded a ‘High Performer’ badge in the G2 Spring 2021 Reports, we are glad to announce that we have achieved another milestone in the G2 Summer 2021 Reports and received recognition as the “High Performer”, again. Furthermore, we have been awarded the “Momentum Leader” badge in the G2 Summer 2021 Reports as well.

In addition, we have received a special badge recognizing the appreciation of our valuable customers, known as “Easiest to Use”. Hence, the grand total of our new badges for Summer 2021 rounds up to five. RecruitBPM has successfully marked its presence as a “High Performer” with three badges in the ‘Small Business, ‘Mid-Market’ and ‘General’ categories. Further, our next momentous triumph with the G2 Summer 2021 Report is the badge for “Momentum Leader” in the Momentum Grid Rank.

Thus, our customer-first approach and our passion for delivering a customer-centric system for the staffing and recruiting industry have helped us in earning these awards. Without a doubt, it does help us achieve higher customer satisfaction ratings.

G2 Summer 2021 Report: Satisfaction Ratings 

1. First, our valuable customers rated us 4.8 out of 5 stars in the G2 Summer 2021 Report.

2. Secondly, in the G2 Summer 2021 Report, we ranked above the industry averages across Satisfaction Ratings: Quality of Support (94%), Ease of setup (92%), meets requirements (97%), Ease of Admin (92%), Ease of Use (96%)

Highest rated product features


1. Automated Resume parsing (97%)

2. Candidate Search (97%)

3. Career Page Configuration (97%)

4. Social Sourcing (95%)

5. Job Posting (96%)

Candidate Management

1. Dashboards (95%)

2. Workflow Building (93%)

3. Hiring Process Tracking (96%)

4. Scheduling (94%)

5. Applicant Data Management (96%)

6. Candidate Evaluations (94%)

7. Automated Resume Parsing (97%)

8. Candidate Facing Statuses (95%)


1. Integration APIs (89%)

2. Internationalization (91%)

3. User, Role and Access Management (89%)

4. Performance (87%)

5. Mobility (89%)

What our Customers Have to Say

Since our foundation in 2012, RecruitBPM has emphasized on listening to client feedback and transforming those feedbacks into product innovations. Moreover, this methodology helped us deliver “customer-first” product features. Furthermore, we are committed to delivering user-friendly features and address the problems of our customers. Hence, making it convenient for our customers to interact, hire and retain more candidates.

In addition to the above, it has been summarized by our valuable customers that RecruitBPM helps staffing and recruiting firms to deliver their staffing tasks hassle-free. Therefore, our approach to serving our customers by listening to their queries and solving their issues makes us humbled to be recognized by G2 as one of the finest staffing solutions in the marketplace.

About G2 and High Performer

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