Best Applicant Tracking System for Small Businesses

The Best Applicant Tracking System for Small Businesses comes into play when you can’t afford a hiring manager or a complete Hiring team for your small business. A majority of companies – of roughly all sizes – have the idea of time and effort being spent in hiring for an open position. Yet, it is riskier for the SMB employers who are in need of fast hiring. The RecruitBPM’s Applicant Tracking System specifically helps small and medium-size businesses with their recruiting process. A cloud-based applicant tracking system for small businesses mainly helps to automate much of the recruiting process and streamlines recruiting activities that take a lot of time if done manually.

RecruitBPM’s applicant tracking system for small businesses facilitates accomplishing an array of tasks like job postings, talent acquisition, candidate ranking, candidate communication, and candidate status changes – amid other recruiting activities. Thus, it reduces the risk of negative hiring results by assisting you to quickly identify the applicants with more potential to perform in your organization.


Why applicant tracking system for small businesses have become a necessity?

Small businesses aim to offer the best for their clients as well as to the employees. Such as reasonably priced products and good salaries. They also recognize the importance of keeping up a strong bottom line. While trying to accomplish these objectives and to save their expenses, small businesses should invest in new technologies. Unfortunately, an applicant tracking system can’t be on the list of those technologies. Yet, investing in an applicant tracking system for small businesses can be the best decision to benefit both clients and employees. Here are a few reasons:

Improve your Bottom Line:

Businesses that invest in an ATS enable their recruiters to complete the hiring process faster and more effectively. Investing in an applicant tracking system for small businesses automates the recruiting tasks that the recruiters had to perform manually such as adding candidate data into an Excel sheet, developing new emails for the individual candidate through different hiring stages, or searching for methods to efficiently store candidate data over time. With an ATS streamlining all of these tasks small businesses get 40% more productive as their resources can focus on other areas of their business.

Ensures Compliance:

As time goes by, recruiting at small businesses may reach up to large numbers of resumes, applications, applicant communications, and federal forms. Where will that data be stored? For the companies using a manual process, this hiring data might be stored on local computer drives or filing cabinets. An applicant tracking system is designed to maintain recruitment compliance. Along with the ability to be compliant with EEO and OFCCP in the online application, reports and analytics allow the businesses to access the end-to-end hiring process data and create audit trails.

Strengthen Your Future Growth with ATS:

Selecting recruiting software for small businesses today, can be a big win for tomorrow. Already using an applicant tracking system when small businesses grow and make additions to their workforce in different locations, lightens the recruiters’ workload – as they are already using the technology to automate their tasks. Along with the increasing hiring requirements the significance of having a strong employer brand becomes vivid. Clearly, every company wants to have such hires who comply with their core business values. Hence, it’s a must for the employer companies to leverage an ATS’s configurable, branded career portals, and advanced screening capabilities. Reach the applicants with your configured career portal showcasing your business brand and values. Consequently, selecting the best recruiting software for small businesses can lead the companies to success and benefit the applicants, employees, and customers by creating useful opportunities.

How do applicant tracking systems for small businesses help them to hire the right candidates?

Having in place a cloud-based applicant tracking system adds to the productivity of your team throughout the general and online recruiting processes along with saving your money. Cloud-based recruiting software for small business employment can filter through hundreds of applicants very quickly and easily. Eliminating the nuisance of manually organizing and filing the data.

Isolate Top Resumes from the Pile:

Imagine getting hundreds of thousands of resumes against one job position. This makes it harder for the recruiters to identify the top talent manually. Therefore, a majority of businesses of all sizes are utilizing ATS technology. ATS automatically gathers and evaluate resumes, letting the companies quickly identify the top candidates. Hence, a recruitment management system for small businesses automatically source resumes from online job boards, social media networks, and emails. Afterwards, it changes the resumes into a standard design, allowing the users to search them using particular keywords and skills as filters. An applicant tracking system also lets the recruiters search for applicants on the basis of their qualifications or close match to the experiences given in the job description.

Improve Staffing Workflows to Recruit Candidates Faster:

Though many of the businesses may believe that they have a smooth recruiting process. Yet the majority of applicants would differ. Many of the applicants require a quick response from their employers. They tend to quit the application process when it takes too long.  If you don’t have organized and effective staffing workflows, your organization might be overlooking the top talent. Moreover, applicants have grown to consider job searching just like an online shopping encounter. As they go over reviewing websites like Glassdoor and Indeed to get reliable information. Information not only about the workplace culture but also about the company’s recruiting process as well. If a former applicant gets a bad recruiting experience. Then they are obviously going to share it in the reviews which can dissuade strong candidates from your company.

Applicant tracking systems for small companies can help the hiring cycle get going with the centralization of critical applicant data and communication into one profile. It gives the hiring managers quick access to this data. Along with this, it lets them view applicant profiles side by side for qualifications and skills comparison and interviewer response. An efficient applicant tracking system for small businesses offers an array of collaboration tools. Such as team scoring, visualization tools, and notification settings, to effectively manage the recruiting for different teams.

Use Job Boards and Social to Reach High-Quality Candidates:

Indeed, Monster, and Dice, etc. are a few to name among the most popular means to recruit applicants. Posting to numerous job boards is extremely important for small and medium-size businesses. It is because their names may not be top-of-mind for the applicants. Though the task of posting to every job board separately can be very time-consuming, resulting in costly mistakes and delays. On the other hand, hiring managers can employ an ATS solution with multiple job boards integration. This way they can post jobs right away to those job boards along with social media networks like Facebook, and LinkedIn etc. Also hiring managers can join online professional and technical communities on social media networks to discover the most potential applicants.

When an ATS is the Best Option for HR?

Maintaining a small business comes with great challenges at times. Particularly, when you are planning to hire a new or additional workforce. In comparison to routine business tasks, the recruiting process can be more challenging. Marketing your open positions, receiving resumes and applications, sifting through them to get your hands on the best candidates. Further, arranging interviews can be a time-consuming procedure leaving less time for other important routine business activities. Furthermore, being a small business it’s possible that hiring manager with experience may be out of your budget. Yet, you are in need of someone to effectively manage your entire recruiting process at a low budget. Now is the time to get the best recruiting software for small businesses and leverage it for saving your time and money when it gets down to recruiting new or additional workforce.


So, when you are prepared to get rid of the problems of managing the hiring process for your small business. Then, take RecruitBPM into consideration to enhance your hiring process. Our Applicant Tracking Software allows you to deal with the unnecessary fuss about your recruiting process. You can easily manage your Hiring without wasting your time and money. Start a Free Trial now or Request for a Demo to Learn how We are changing SMB’s Hiring Process.

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