Benefits of ATS: What Top Applicant Tracking Systems Do

Why Use ATS? What Are The Benefits of ATS?

Benefits of ATS are numerous. Improper hiring and complex ATS CRM software selection can lead to inefficient use of time throughout a company. It can also jeopardize the image of the organization if continued bad hiring prolongs.

If you ask your talent acquisition team for ideas on how to improve your hiring processes, you’ll hear multiple opinions and ideas. For example, if you ask your talent acquisition team on what difficulties they face in their work, or how their CRM ATS software could be improved, you might hear responses like:

Overly complex interfaces and features can be a big factor to frustrate the user. It can even make the most qualified individuals dissatisfied with the overall performance of the ATS. Informational tool with an easy-to-use and visually appealing interface assists recruiters in their day-to-day activities in finding candidates. Lets take a look at few of the many benefits of ATS.

User Friendliness

Recruiting software should be constantly updated to stay informed on possible candidates in the market, as well as be very user-friendly in order to maximize usability and make the software’s learning curve an easy task. Recruiters want to spend their time looking for candidates, not learning how to use a complex ATS.

User Friendly Interface

When choosing an effective ATS/CRM, it is important to look for these benefits of ATS i.e. a user-friendly interface. This means an ATS should have an appealing color scheme (and not something too plain or too basic). Secondly, the buttons and tabs should be arranged in a logical way. This benefit of ATS is that users don’t have to search for things for minutes at a time. A simple and informative dashboard is also a plus, as it is nice to have a comprehensive overview and quick access to frequently used features. Additionally, graphics and charts can be a very helpful tool in the dissemination of information and statistics.


When you consider to buy an ATS. You must look out for automation benefit of ATS. RecruitBPM has reliable features from which most recruiting agencies can benefit.  RecruitBPM offers high-end mobility, integration, and automation, and is an ideal ATS for companies of all sizes. RecruitBPM’s applicant tracking system filters emails automatically and can easily parse a candidate into your personalized ATS software domain.

Resume Parsing

I personally consider it the most important benefit amongst the many benefits of ATS. The resume parsing feature will continue to automatically pull relevant information from candidates’ profiles so that it can generate a complete user profile for a new candidate. RecruitBPM’s ATS software replies to every application, congratulating candidates for joining and for investing time to apply. RecruitBPM understands the amount of effort and responsibility every recruiting firm has for hiring the right talent for their clients and to retain them as their valuable clients. To experience RecruitBPM for free, schedule a no-risk demo today.

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