Most staffing firms are engaged in providing greater client satisfaction that will help them generate repeat business and stay a step ahead of their competition. To achieve a greater number of placements and maximizing their productivity, it is essential for recruiting firms to positively impact the candidate experience. One way to do this is with RecruitBPM’s simple email integration feature.

Email integration with the most commonly used email clients such as Office 365 and Gmail is the first step towards creating a positive candidate experience. How can integrate your accounts in one single platform help to enrich the candidate experience? RecruitBPM allows the staffing agencies to not only send out emails directly from its platform but also systematically manage all the candidate history ensuring that the recruiters have all the relevant data for decision making at a click of a button.

Access to all the vital information via RecruitBPM helps to establish clear expectations of what is expected of the candidate, as it allows the recruiter to be honest, respectful, and upfront about the whole process. The ease of responding through one platform helps recruiter gauge the perspective of the candidate and help the firm provide an exceptional experience, rather than offering a run of the mill sales centric mindset.

Recruiters can integrate and respond in no time at all, which helps to satisfy the needs of candidates who expect prompt responses. Most importantly, the direct access to your emails via RecruitBPM allows you to quickly close the loop and help you keep the candidate informed of where he or she might stand in the recruiting process; greatly improving the candidate experience.



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Email integration is great for the candidate but what about its impact on the client? The number of successful placements usually dictates client satisfaction, and email integration can generate placements through improved communication on both sides. If the recruitment firm is able to provide an exemplary candidate experience, it will translate into a candidate who is well versed in the needs of the client and its potential employer. Having a better understanding of what is expected of them will allow the candidate to be better prepared not only for the job interview but also for the potential job that they might end up doing. A well-rounded candidate who clearly understands the intricacies of the potential job offer is far more likely to please the client than a candidate who is not sure about the potential role he or she might be asked to perform in the not too distant future.

It seems like asking a lot of the recruiting firms to deliver but all this is possible by simply starting off by integrating your email accounts to a single platform that will help in creating a sustainable environment where you could create not only an engaged candidate in sync with the requirements of the client but also a satisfied client who is getting the resource with the most potential to deliver on the requirements identified.

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