Top Applicant Tracking System: RecruitBPM and Future of CRM

Applicant tracking system is crucial for establishing meaningful connections. Secondly, building strong relations with the consumers might be the most important practice for any business. Positive relationships play a vital role in receiving worthwhile feedback from a product’s users, and it is obviously impossible for a business to innovate without a foundation of trust between itself and its customers. Prolonged periods of negative relationships can cause a product to fail before it even gets a chance to succeed.

Being a new player in the cloud-based ATS market, RecruitBPM is acutely aware that user feedback is essential to our growth as one of the top applicant tracking systems. The RecruitBPM-Client Relationship team is always aware of its consumers. Moreover, client feedback has pushed RecruitBPM to place an enhanced CRM system into our platform. We believe that our new features and customization options will push RecruitBPM to new heights as one of the best applicant tracking systems on the market.

Innovate Top Applicant Tracking System with CRM Features

Our team focused on the major advantages of a CRM and developed a top applicant tracking system. RecruitBPM was able to take an exact approach to update its ATS software without being forced to reinvent the wheel.

The central purpose of expanding RecruitBPM’s ATS software to include CRM features is to reorganize and modernize the processes of client communication. This versatile feature can improve the handling of contacts linked with specific companies, advertising, engagements, and help manage client services.

RecruitBPM’s CRM software gets the most out of its ATS console, communication tools, and integrations to provide company leaders an all-inclusive outlet of actions. It enables with total control of their business so they can run it swiftly. Encountering targets and deadlines are obvious roadblocks in today’s professional ecosphere. However, the RecruitBPM’s platform ensures that its consumer’s upcoming tasks and goals are in a simple, user-friendly ATS module structure. RecruitBPM has recently released newly developed configurations that emphasize team association and a refreshed platform panel.

RecruitBPM is aiming to improve customer experience by incorporating following three key features.

  • Firstly, adding Office365 integration to our Interview Scheduling.
  • Secondly, deploying an upgraded Combined Notes platform.
  • Thirdly, revamping Analytics APIs and data breakdown.

RBPM Office365 Calendar and Google Calendar Integration

You voiced your opinion, we catered for it. Many of our clients called for an enhanced calendar integration in our applicant tracking system. Moreover, we made this addition in order to simplify the RecruitBPM work cycle. All of our clients now have access to advanced calendar sync inside our cloud-based ATS.  Moreover, users will be able to view the availability of their team and of open meeting areas without ever leaving the RecruitBPM’s platform. We’re confident that this will allow us to remain one of the best and yet free applicant tracking systems on the market.

RBPM Application Data through Analytics API and additional support

RecruitBPM’s APIs enables its applicant tracking system to become a virtual staffing and recruitment operating system. It also enhances the functionality of the system to understand its users’ precise as well as subtle needs. With this release, our fresh API Analytics help to organize a large amount of data that our client’s produce.  It is highly optimized for better and easier reporting with enhanced data analysis. Database is known as the backbone of the hiring cycle process and RecruitBPM serves this task with even greater precision than most.

Email Integration API to Track & Sync Your ATS Contacts

Most likely, you must’ve spent many futile hours in order to make your work-flows seamless. RecruitBPM’s Email API Integration enables you to track & sync  your candidate’s and contact’s emails. The advantage of Email API Integration is to automate Microsoft 365 and Gmail services.

Just like any other sound product, RecruitBPM is constantly evolving. This is why it is the best applicant tracking system for most organizations, recruiters and HR managers. We are a work in progress as we appreciate all feedbacks that our clients provide us with. Moreover, we have an upcoming upgrade (dubbed “x-release” by our developers) to our free applicant tracking system. We are very confident of the progress RecruitBPM has made and is destined to make in future. Lastly, we are proud of the fact that our clients consider RecruitBPM’s applicant tracking system as one of the best ATS in the market.

If you’re a member of an organization who is in need of state-of-art applicant tracking system, and you’d like to try RecruitBPM’s free ATS platform, contact us to schedule a demo today!

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