9 Useful Tips for Social Media Recruiting Strategies

One of the best ways for companies to promote their brand is implementation of social media tools; about 92% of the recruiters mainly utilize social media recruiting strategies. They wield social media not just for advertising the job positions. With Millennials quickly becoming the cornerstone of the US workforce and Generation Z following their pursuits, applicants are focused on settling themselves in their preferred niche. Thus, aiming these two groups must be the focal point of the recruiters globally.

A major part of the above two classes conserve on social media; not only the social one but all parts, including the search for new opportunities. This is where the recruiters need to focus their recruiting efforts when it comes to social media. If you haven’t yet finalized your strategies regarding social media recruiting, nothing to stress about, we are here to help you.

Social Media Recruiting Strategies

The following social media recruiting strategies are for both active and passive candidates. Thereby the recruiting and staffing agencies can imply these social media recruiting strategies with the only limitation being their budget sense of innovative practices.

Develop your Company’s Digital Identity

Put your best efforts into creating your brand name. Let the people know that your company is the one that everyone wants to know about and work for. Instead of targeting the customers for your branding purposes, make sure to establish your authority in your individual field. If they are already connected to your company, they can play a potential role in the growth of your business from within.

Most often the Millennials look forward to developing ardent relations with the right organization, therefore, try to provide them with something they can be passionate about. To let them know that your company is a great workplace, share such content that displays unique aspects of your company and spontaneously attract candidates. In simple words, take a look at those companies that are the talk of the town, offering exclusive working environments along with exceptional employee benefits –and reflect whether and how you can be imitate fostering practices. Most importantly, there should be compatibility within your company, the people inside your company must have the same opinion whether it’s your company’s mission, values, ethics or beliefs.

Use of Videos in Engaging Passive Candidates

The moment you are successful in establishing your identity on selected social media networks, you would need to achieve the next level in your relationship i.e. engaging with these networks. Among many other forms of engagement, video is the most effective one. Video is such a mechanism that can engage the social network users 10 times more than any other type of content.

According to marketing professionals, 52% of them consider video to be the type of content that offers maximum ROI (return on investment). This is supported by the fact that human brain is capable of processing visual data 60,000 times faster than text, or you are enabled to convey more information in a video than any other type of content; credit goes to the combination of non-verbal messaging, verbal tone, body language and visual clues that it includes. The easy mantra is to utilize the attraction of the visual contents to engage passive candidates and other industry-related professionals as well.

  • Usage of live video to provide unrestricted Q&As.
  • Let the people have a peek into your company to familiarize them with your workplace culture.
  • Behind the scenes footages are also popular among social media applicants.

Entail Employees in Social Media Posting

The main purpose of using media is to expand your influence. Put your trust in your current network of employees to spread the word you need to carry. Encourage  and involve your employees in the recruiting management by giving them incentives for sharing your posts on their social media networks. The authority of a personal reference must never be undervalued from either end, be it the recruiters or the candidates. Moreover, one of the most effective sources of hires can be social media sharing. Just make sure that you have an authentic and working social media policy and your employees know about it and aware of the expectations you have from them. After all, they are going to be your brand representatives and you wouldn’t want them to vandalize your brand repute unintentionally.

Wield LinkedIn Groups

According to a business report, approximately 87% of recruiters are using LinkedIn for sourcing top talent. Moreover, 55% recruiters source candidates through Facebook and 47% utilize Twitter for the same purpose. Don’t just go about for boosting your business profile on LinkedIn to showcase you are actively hiring but also use it to connect and contribute to LinkedIn groups that relate to your industry. There is plethora of dedicated groups on LinkedIn and other forums where applicants participate dynamically. Try seeking the applicants with area of expertise that is good fit for you.

If you are an HR professional, you must join the Linked: HR Group right away for hiring and recruiting purposes. The bottom line is networking has its own power. There’s a famous saying that goes,

Your Network is Your Net Worth

So by joining such groups you enable yourself to quickly recognize the top talent. Being knowledgeable regarding these people can greatly bring poise into your professional career when you want to attract the right people.

Use Other Social Media Platforms

It can’t be emphasized enough to wield different social media platforms while drawing your social media recruiting strategies. Like no size fits all; what works for LinkedIn may not be useful in the case of Facebook or Twitter. You must be creative while using different social media platforms since they’re all significant in different ways. To avail these networks to your utmost advantage you must be aware of the profile that is the most engaging one. Apart from the mainstream three social media networks e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, develop your business profiles on YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram as well. Furthermore, try to look for the industry-specific1 groups and networks where your ideal candidates might be found socializing.

These inlcude but are not limited to:

Disseminate Valuable Content

When it comes to imparting content for information purposes, whether it’s curated content or your own, make sure that what you disseminate isn’t completely junk. Identify the queries of your target audience and offer them with satisfactory answers. Keep them in the loop of new trends. The point of being social is that you must have the kind of information that others would like to share. Otherwise, your social media may not work for you the way you want it to. Make sure your content is interesting, useful and catchy or a set of such qualities.

You can use any or combination of the following content format for social media engagements:

  • Blog posts
  • How-to guides
  • Videos and Podcasts
  • Images and Photography
  • Info graphics

In short, any type of content would work for you on social media unless its an old chestnut. Offering people something worth sharing will make your content go viral quickly.

Improve your Social Media Campaigns Using Insights

The secret of social media advertising working so well is that you are able to know and study your target audience.

Advertising on social media is different from conventional advertising techniques in many ways. In conventional advertising, you  are playing the game of chance. You expect to get hold of the ruby in the rubble from millions of the people who will see your ad. Whereas, advertising on social media will lead you to your ideal candidates as you can easily determine your search parameters. To strengthen your social media recruiting strategies, you must make use of the insight tools to boost your advertising campaign. To consolidate this approach, you must ensure that you incorporate quantifiable KPIs for your advertisement.

Develop a Community to Involve your Candidates

The need for providing your candidates with quality content is indispensable. You need to create a network of people who think alike to create attractive recruiting ad content. Don’t bombard them with information only. Try also to make it a bilateral process by encouraging them to give their feedback. Work on building a direct connection with the people whom you think can be a part of your talent cloud. Inform them about your company, share the benefits and prospective opportunities they can avail. Have an enthusiastic approach and reach out to your audience, instead of waiting for them to reach you.

Make Use of Hashtags

Take your time to recognize the authority of hashtags. Apparently, it seems a slam dunk to prefix a # to a word or sentence and hope for it to work magically. But this is not the case. In reality, you must understand the scope and influence of your hashtags. For example, make an estimate of the number of people who will utilize it, the locations, and the demographics. If the hashtag isn’t complementing your determined parameters for the target audience, then simply don’t use it.

Whereas, if you use a trending hashtag, you will be losing your message among the cut-throat competition on social media. Therefore, give it your best shot at being creative while using your hashtags. Moreover, customize your hashtags according to your company needs so you can achieve the desired outcomes expected of them.


To boil everything down, social media recruiting is a gradual process; majority of recruiters normally use social media recruiting strategies to attract enhanced quality and quantity of candidates. This is the reason why it can be valuable to spend your time and energy in executing these social media recruiting strategies. Yet, be certain that you strategize a robust social media recruiting plan. When you strategize, take your target audience into consideration. Always remember that

If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail

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