A recruiter’s job can be quite tough. Sometimes, it can even look purely like a sales job – and, in some ways, it is. You are selling your client on the candidate and your candidate on the job. Just about everyone who’s adept at selling would tell you – it’s pretty hard to sell something that you don’t completely understand. That’s why it’s important for a recruiter to understand their client, the job, and the candidate. It’s a pretty tall order, and mastering this skill is what separates good recruiters from great ones. That’s one challenge, recruiters face on a day to day basis. Let’s have a quick look at a few other challenges faced by today’s recruiters.

1) Shortage of talented (and qualified) workforce

Probably the most problematic of all challenges faced by recruiters today is the lack of skilled employees in the market. Trying to find a talented and qualified candidate who is also available can be seemingly impossible.

2) Competition – it’s tough out there

There will always be tough competition for skilled employees, with other companies giving it their best to find the best talent before you do. As a recruiter, you’ll not only be up against many competitors in your industry but also hiring managers in other industries.

3) Always running out of time

It’s a recruiter’s nightmare. The company wants multiple hirings completed – all of which must be the top talent of course – and you have almost no time to get candidates placed. Deadlines on recruiting can be tough and can lead to mistakes or unsatisfactory candidates, but it’s something that every recruiter will face eventually.

4) Lack of technology and communication

No matter the type of job, communication was and always will be the most important aspect for achieving smooth completion of a task or job. For recruiters, it’s even more vital to staying on the same level with both the hiring managers as well as the candidates.

Similarly, not staying up-to-date with the latest trends in technology will slow you down, and you wouldn’t want to lag behind competing recruiters just because they’re much tech-savvy than you.


The solution to your recruiting challenges: RecruitBPM

This brings us back to ‘selling’ the candidate to the client and the client to candidate challenge.

Once you’re at grip with this little fact, it gets much easier to deal with your core task at hand – which is to find the right candidate for the job. A platform like RecruitBPM can reduce this ‘hiring stress’ by streamlining your applicant tracking and hiring process.

Let’s look at the key features of RecruitBPM and why it’s one of the top (and free!) applicant tracking systems in the market:

Application Tracking System (ATS)

RecruitBPM’s innovative Application Tracking System (ATS) helps companies and recruiters organize and manage recruiting processes.

From searching for potential employees to receiving their resumes to sending out an offer letter, RecruitBPM’s Candidate Management can make this happen with a few clicks of a button.

The Advanced Resume feature will help you locate specific keywords from thousands of resumes to find the perfect matching candidate for you.

Additionally, the Job Management feature allows you to organize jobs based on skills, status or grades and quickly match them up with the right candidates.

Social Recruiting

Social media hiring is the future – and for good reason, too. It allows recruiters to potentially reach a global pool of talent. Open jobs can be shared among friends, family, colleagues in their personal circles – which can eventually be the difference in finding the right person compared to being stuck with a small set of candidates.

RecruitBPM’s social features allow you to reach a truly global audience by posting job openings on top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

On the flip side, it’s even more convenient for applicants as they can apply for job openings using their social profiles. 

End-to-end CRM

With complete contact tracking, you can maintain long-term relationships with key decision makers in companies and your database of candidates.

The CRM platform also provides Calendar and Scheduling features to help you create meeting reminders and notes. Not only that, but you also get secure email integration to keep track of conversation with each and every candidate.

Customized Career Portal

RecruitBPM’s mobile-ready career pages give you full control of your employer’s brand. You get a dedicated Career Portal page that you can link to your website. Additionally, with you can post on every major job board directly through your RecruitBPM portal. The Career Portal integration makes it easy to reach thousands of potential candidates.

Applicants for your open jobs can apply to those positions by using their LinkedIn or Facebook profiles – making the application process easy and convenient.

Analytics and Reporting

Understand the inner workings of your hiring strategy (team statistics, and company sourcing summaries) and plan your future processes accordingly with detailed reporting analytics.

Make data-driven decisions after careful analysis of candidate submission and status. Know which candidate is being evaluated for which employer.

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