Applicant Tracking System helps recruiters to narrow down potential talent with the minimum resource usage and a waste of time. In the end, it’s all about reducing your costs.

The Applicant Tracking Systems of 2017 are sophisticated enough to accurately track down potential candidates against very specific job requirements – thereby helping both job seekers and recruiters to connect with each other with a minimum of hassle.

A considerable number of firms and organizations have seen a positive change in their recruiting systems after a switch to HR based software, CRM’s and Applicant Tracking Systems.

Before going for a specific ATS, factors like level of analytics, the difficulty of usage, pricing, and types of integration have to be taken into consideration. But even with all these aspects, an Applicant Tracking System has a range of benefits for organizations of all sizes.

Here, we have a look at 4 reasons why recruiters should use an ATS for their recruiting needs:

1. Applicant Tracking Systems Save Money

Yes. Read that headline again. Applicant Tracking Systems save you money. Sure, they’re not always free, but these dashboards are a one-in-all solution for all your recruiting needs. From posting jobs to various platforms online to screening candidates for the right match to finalizing job offers via integrated email solutions, a fully functional Applicant Tracking System is all you need to recruit the best talent in the industry without ever having to look for alternate platforms.

If you add up all the costs for performing these ‘functions’ in the ‘traditional’ way, an ATS can actually cost you much less. This doesn’t only apply to larger organizations – it also stands true for smaller firms.

2. Applicant Tracking Systems Improve Employee Retention

Think of it this way. The use of an ATS will help you find a quality hire with the least amount of effort and cost. With an ATS, you get a qualified candidate who’s just perfect for the job. He/she is bound to be satisfied with the job, which will, in turn, increase his/her loyalty to the employer and even be a ‘brand advocate’. Thus, helping your company improve employee retention over the long run!

3. Applicant Tracking Systems Help Recruiters Stay Professional

Without an ATS, recruiters post their job openings all over the ‘worldwide web’. Forums, social networks, job boards, you name it. Chances are, the more the number of platforms a recruiter is manually targeting, the greater the risk of making mistakes (posting the wrong JD, spelling mistakes, etc).

Job posts have a certain tone that recruiters have to keep in check. A modern ATS makes sure of that. Further, it also ensures there are no mistakes, grammatical errors, or blunders in your job posting strategy.

4. Applicant Tracking Systems Help Build Recruiting Strategy

An Applicant Tracking System is not a mere tool for recruiting and job posting– but rather a comprehensive platform for recruiters to gather and analyze candidate data. Such detailed ‘analytics’ can help recruiters form a comprehensive HR and recruiting strategy for their organization.

For example, by creating segments of candidates in an ATS database, recruiters can figure out which recruiting campaign resulted in strong results and which didn’t.

As you can see, an Applicant Tracking System offers a wide range of benefits apart from the core applicant tracking and recruiting functions.

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