It’s 2022, but your Applicant Tracking System & CRM technology still hasn’t acquired any memo. Many ATS & CRM technology related products in the market belong to the past because of their limited functionality and slow adoption of industry technology standards. It’s about time you move on from outdated software and switch to an Applicant Tracking System that is constantly evolving with the latest technology as it grows further.


CRM Technology

Cloud VS Server Based ATS

. This severely restricts what you’re able to do as an organization. Instead, any SaaS that you choose to implement should be cloud-based so you can access from home and the road, as well as in your office. This will allow you and your employees the freedom to work remotely and while traveling. One of the main concerns about cloud SaaS is that it isn’t as secure as a server solution. While the concern is legit, most SaaS (like RecruitBPM) have bank level security and encryption. Consequently, your data is just as safe as it would be if it were present onsite. Moreover, cloud-based products generally have exceptional backup protocols and recovery centers, so if something were to go wrong, your data stays safe.

Open API VS Closed API

Is your Applicant Tracking System locked down and incompatible to work with the products you use? For some reason, many ATS & CRM technology software refuse to integrate with many products that their customers are using. Whether this choice boils down to not wanting to tie up their developers or an inclination to keep their technology secluded from third-party resources. It’s a decision that ultimately applies limitations to their customers. As Marissa Mayer once said, “when you need to innovate, you need collaboration.” This fact specifically holds weight in an industry like staffing and consulting because of the sheer amount of products that organizations like yours rely on every day. ATS & CRM technology solutions that have an Open API are more likely to be able to integrate with the systems you use, which streamlines your workflows and increases your ROI. Don’t limit our organization by sticking to any obsolete CRM technology software.

Applicant Tracking System and CRM Technology- Combined

You have a sales team and a recruiting team, so why are they still using two different systems? The ideal scenario is your two different products having a rough integration that assists them in communicating. More often than not, however, trying to use two products results in a clunky and inefficient system. If your organization is suffering from this situation too, now is the time to rethink your products. There are many workflow solutions that will align your sales and recruiting teams in one convenient CRM technology platform. Be wary of Applicant Tracking Systems that have recently added CRM functionality, as there is a difference between a comprehensive ATS & CRM technology solution and an Applicant Tracking System with a fledgling CRM add-on. Try not to remain stuck in a contract with a product that has only scarce features. 

recruitbpm ats crm case study applicant tracking system

RecruitBPM Applicant Tracking System and CRM

Our software has evolved over time as technology progresses around us. RecruitBPM is a cloud technology with an Open API. It allows us to integrate with your company’s products (assuming those products offer integration options). Most importantly, RecruitBPM is an Applicant Tracking System and CRM — not just an Applicant Tracking System with limited CRM functionality. If you’re looking to make a switch to a more effective solution, request a demo of RecruitBPM today. Stuck in a contract? Ask about our Contract Buyout Option.

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