Sending Emails

RecruitBPM Email features offers quick and effective way to reach out to the contacts and candidates to communicate about the activities and actions to be taken during the hiring process. Users can include attachments, custom images, tags, links, anchor text and scheduled times.

Emails can be sent from multiple ways in RecruitBPM. Users can send new email from the ‘NEW’ tab on top left corner of the Dashboard or from within each data grid or listing in the system. Clicking on New tab will open dropdown and click on Email tab to compose. Emails will always be sent under the given email address of the user in the profile who is initiating the email action.

The compose email window allows users to select recipients for the email based on a number of factors. You can select them individually by candidate/contact/user/vendor, as a group by selecting a candidate/contact list, or add a recipient that is not in the system by clicking in given text box.

Normal Or Bulk Email

The top dropdown in the compose section offers two options to send the email. Normal email option lets the users sent the email to one or multiple recipients as separate emails. Whereas Bulk email option sends multiple emails at once as CC. Users can select among both options to send emails according to the requirements of hiring process.

This feature also provides access to Email templates that you have added through Administration section in the system. To utilize a template, just click on the dropbox given in Compose section and select the require template to apply on the email you are composing currently.


The body of your email contains all the content and information that you want to convey to your email recipients. The editor toolbar let the users to apply formatting on the content by changing text fonts, sizes, format, styles and alignment, furthermore copy/paste, adding links, images, tables etc. You can also attach multiple files of different formats with the email.

In case you have added your email signature from Administration section for your account, it will be automatically added to the dropdown at the bottom of email compose section. You can add the predefined Email Signatures from the dropdown after creating email.

After you’ve structured your email, you can also Schedule  the email to send it later on specific date and time. The Schedule dropdown field allows you to choose one of the standard send times, or let you set date and time from the given field and calendar according to required time.

Lastly, you can check your inbox and sent emails from the main Email module listed at the second last position of left menu  displayed on system Dashboard.

Career Portal Email Templates

Email templates in Career portal are used to communicate with contacts and candidates with ease. Navigate to Administration > App Setup -> Templates > Email Templates

You can utilize the default email templates provided by RecruitBPM in the career portal section. Click on a template to edit template and customize the subject, text etc. to save and use the template while hiring and communicating with the contacts or applicants.

The most important points while editing the template is that you should not change the Slugs added in the templates. These slugs are used to automatically fill the candidate name, job title or account title according to the candidate details that you are going to send the email.

As visible in the above screenshot, you can add more text and slugs according to required communication and hit Update to customize the template. You can also access these templates from the Career Portal > Career portal settings to customize and update for sending to the applicant, the administrator, or others, when an applicant applies on a job position.

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