How to use the Career Portal

Career Portal is a way to establish a web presence for your company’s jobs. Upload your logo to match your company’s branding, link back to your company website, and more. You can post any of your active Jobs to your Career Portal. From the Career Portal, candidates can apply directly to your jobs. When a candidate applies, their information and resume are then parsed into the system and associated with the Job Order they applied to. Additionally, these candidates are now visible in the Candidates tab.

From the Dashboard go to Jobs module. Against a Job click actions and select Publish/Unpublish. This will take you to Job Posting page. A list of your available Career Portals, social media platforms, and job boards will open.

Select the Career Portal link on the top of list and then scroll to the bottom of the page. At the bottom of the page select Publish.

To view already posted jobs, change your logo, or alter the Career Portal, you must go to Supplemental Menu (top right) > Administration > Career Portal Configuration.

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