How to Navigate the Dashboard

Beginning with an intuitive dashboard, RecruitBPM helps organize and streamline your workflows.  A truly end-to-end solution, RecruitBPM helps manage all aspects of the hiring process. There are 5 types that you can add to your dashboard in RecruitBPM. It’s a great way to visualize data that’s already captured and make it actionable.

Following of the five dashboards bring all the activity related statistics to the table.

  1. General Dashboard
  2. Sales Dashboard
  3. Recruiters Dashboard
  4. Ringcentral Logs
  5. Bulk email

General Dashboard:

General dashboard showcases all the general user based activity. Activity statistics can be altered through User and Time based filters. You can view how many Pipeline, Companies, Contacts, Jobs, Candidates, Placements, Vendors user(s) have added in a specific time period as well as Sent received emails, Notes, Scheduled meetings/interviews and much more.

To view these stats go to the main homepage, general dashboard is shown by default. Select a date or time to see the specific set of data you require.

You will also notice a pie chart on the right side of the screen that showcases the General Notes, Live Connect, Received Emails, and Sent Emails. By clicking on any of the individual pieces of this data pie, you will be able to retrieve a comprehensive understanding of each, which will populate on the bottom half of the screen.

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