Bulk Email

RecruitBPM stores sent emails which you can view via the Sent tab in the Email section. The history stores information like to how many recipients a user have sent the email, how many of them opened the email and clicked embedded links, unsubscribed or marked the email as spam.

The Sent Email History grid allows you to sort all the emails sent from RecruitBPM. Clicking on the Subject line of an email will bring you into that particular email’s record.You can also search through the emails to find out desired record by using email subject. You can also refresh the email grid by clicking the refresh icon on right top of the page.

Bulk Email Statistics

RecruitBPM logs a multitude of different bulk email statistics in order to give you a better idea of how effective your email campaigns are which you initiate to engage multiple contacts. These statistics are displayed in Dashboard widget of Bulk Email which shows a graphical representation of how what kind of responses your emails are getting.

They are separated into five major categories:


This section of the funnel displays the volume of bulk emails you have sent to the system contact till now in order to run campaign. You can easily compare the sent volume with other statistics to analyze the effectiveness of the emails.


This bounced section tracks the number of email addresses that have been logged as invalid or bounced by the mail server. Bounced addresses are marked in the system on that recipient’s record with a flag next to their email address.


The section shows the tracked dropped emails which have been dropped intentionally by the email delivery system. Possible reasons may include invalid recipient email address, email subject, content or format have high possibility of getting spammed or the delivery system was unable to deliver the email.


The delivered section shows the total number of email addresses whose server confirmed that the email was delivered to the recipient email inbox.


Last portion of opened tracks the number of recipients that have opened the actual email. RecruitBPM tracks the number of times recipients have opened the email, as well as the percentage of recipients that have opened the email. Note: Email providers with image blocking enabled will not allow the tracking pixel to be viewed, so no open will be counted in this case.

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