What do you do when you’re just starting out and you’re having a tough time attracting top talent? Most businesses start small, and they face this critical question. The answer lies in developing better recruiting practices. One of the greatest challenges small businesses have – especially in their early stages – is hiring top talent to propel the business forward.


Many smaller companies have enjoyed phenomenal success even during the recent years of recession. While the “too big to fail” companies were being bailed out, little companies were hardpressed to find staff and keep up their growth – but they succeeded.

There are many such success stories that took place during the recession against all odds, and behind every success story we find small business owners who are able to align their competitive business models with a strategically focused human resource system.

Limited resources

For small businesses – early in the business model – resources are tight.  Obviously, every dollar invested must yield the best possible return-on-investment. The best strategy is to hire the very best you can afford, even if it means reducing headcount expectations.

Applicant Tracking Systems

As technology becomes more affordable, businesses of all sizes have begun using applicant tracking systems (ATS) to streamline their recruitment process. ATS help in dealing with large volume of resumes for a single opening especially where majority of resumes are less than qualified to fulfill the job requirements. Secondly, ATS allows businesses assure compliance with various applicable laws by keeping an applicant log for each job applicant. Plus, ATS will help generate various compliance reports so that your business is in compliance with various government regulations applicable. ATS will help prevent hiring discrimination lawsuits by ensuring that the prescreen resumes were based on specific job qualifications and had nothing to do with human bias. Automation through ATS saves time and money as the system allows sifting through 1000 of resumes quickly and ensures that compliance data and reports are generated in no time at all. Most importantly ATS helps in building a recruiting pipeline filled with highly qualified applicants. Furthermore, the Business Intelligence reporting offered by the ATS will help in running targeted analytics to analyze and further improve efficiencies in your recruiting process.

Premium ATS & CRM are expensive

How can small businesses compete with those having huge pockets? The one thing that would have leveled the playing field for the small businesses was through the use of an applicant tracking system that helps in identifying the best available resources for your business. The premium ATS & CRM available in the market are offering the following features:

  • Applicant Tracking
  • Career Portal
  • CRM
  • Social Recruiting
  • Reports/Dashboards
  • Customized Access
  • And much more

ATS offering the above features are hardly in line with the budget of small businesses. With the competition for the best talent getting even tougher, the only lifeline for small businesses was by lining up the best talent for their firm through an affordable and highly effective ATS.


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