Any seasoned HR professional will tell you that communication is the axle around which the wheel of recruitment spins.  Recruiting is by and large a communication-centric process and any recruiter worth their salt spend the majority of their time establishing solid communication lines between themselves, the clients and candidates.

Communication is the key to successfully finding clients and retaining them. Making sure that the client gets the best possible talent in the shortest possible time is the credo by which any reputable consulting firm operates. Similarly, communication with the candidates is equally important in creating and maintaining a large diverse talent pool.

A mistake that many new recruiters make is thinking that the communication ends with providing a client with a consultant or getting a consultant a Job. The best recruiters know that communication truly comes into play once the potential candidate has gotten the job.

Someone who is an ill fit for a client’s corporate environment might be more harmful and counter-productive than someone who is not an exact match for their skill requirements. Constant feedback from a client helps a recruiter form a picture of the corporate culture the client’s company has and what kind of people they prefer to have to work for them. This makes filling future Job Orders easier because the recruiter is able to judge not only what professional skills the client is looking for but what they’re looking for in a consultant as a person.

Communication with a candidate is equally as important even if a candidate doesn’t get a job that you submitted them for it’s always important to keep in touch with them.  A pet peeve of many candidates is that recruiters don’t get back to them on statuses of jobs that they’ve been submitted to. A short timely email to the candidate for status updates lets them know that you have an active interest in their careers and makes them more eager to work with you.

Now anyone who has recruited before will tell you that while communication is vital keeping in touch with a huge list of clients or a large talent pool of candidates is a nightmare task that can drain your will to work. This is where technology comes in.

A robust ATS like RecruitBPM provides you with a large set of tools that makes it easy to create and maintain your communication streams with clients and candidates alike. Features like bulk e-mail with salutations containing the individual’s name allow you to send check-in emails to your whole candidate and client list without it seeming impersonal or automated. Short-lists make the task of organizing clients and candidates a breeze. Individual communication histories allow you to track and keep a record of all communication between you and your client/candidate. These and a myriad of other tools provided by solid recruitment management software make communication in your recruitment process a non-issue freeing you up to grow both your client list and talent pool.

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