The best things in life truly are free.  This is our new motto because, in anticipation of the release of our upcoming new platform, the current version of RecruitBPM Premium is now FREE. Free for everybody. Is your current Applicant Tracking System and CRM free? If not, click the Request a Demo image below to sign up for RecruitBPM Premium absolutely, 100% free. RecruitBPM has undertaken the revolutionary step of offering great value for no cost at all, especially to facilitate small businesses who usually can’t afford to have an extensive budget for fancy applicant tracking system.


So, what exactly are you getting for free with this fantastic offer through RecruitBPM? You will have at your disposal an applicant tracking system that offers a candidate management system helping to manage the entire candidate lifecycle from receiving a resume to making a hire, all through a click of a button. With this system you will have the option to quickly match candidates with the appropriate skillset to relevant jobs. Furthermore, you can pinpoint candidates using keyword searches within resumes to locate

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and secure the perfect fit to your job requirement.

Resumes alone are simply just not enough to judge whether a candidate is the right fit for your organization. Profiles of candidates on various social media platforms serves as a great indicator of what potential value they will be able to bring to your business. Social recruiting via RecruitBPM offers the options of social engagement, posting jobs on various social channels allowing you to form judgment on numerous profiles and ultimately shortlist the resource who is best fit for your organization.

Increasing your outreach is the first step in identifying the potential resources for your company. However, if potential resources are unable to reach out to you and connect with your team, the social outreach won’t amount to much. RecruitBPM allows you to fully leverage your social recruiting efforts by helping you create a career portal that is easily accessible to everyone out there looking to connect with your organization.

The email integration feature in RecruitBPM allows you to directly respond to your candidates through the system greatly improving the candidate experience. Furthermore, syncing of contacts and calendar appointment helps to improve the overall experience of managing your response time and scheduling various interviews.

All this information is available on the go through RecruitBPM Mobile. Manage your contacts, candidate pipeline, and job orders via the iPhone App or iPad web interface.

In order to make sense of all the information at your disposal the system allows you a high level view of your company’s progress updated in real-time through a customizable dashboard keeping you abreast of recruiting analytics, compliance reporting and a detailed applicant overview.

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Furthermore, RecruitBPM offers you the facility to improve upon your sales productivity and strengthen your relationship with key decision makers through contact management, easy scheduling and email integration.

All these features come with complete account management system offering customized security access that allows you to set different level of success for different users ensuring that every person can access the system and its functions according to their needs. Role based security and hiring manager access are just some of the things that helps to manage the system according to requirement of each user.

It’s hard to believe that you can get so much for nothing at all; with RecruitBPM you will be getting the very best that the industry has to offer, at no cost at all. It’s time to make the most of this opportunity and schedule your customized demo now.

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