QuickRecruit transforms recruiting
process with RecruitBPM

QuickRecruit, a successful mortgage sourcing and recruiting firm, does exactly what their company name says – they recruit highly qualified candidates quickly. They believe in the power of technology to match the perfect candidate with the perfect position so clients can focus on what they do best – originate and close loans. QuickRecruit is also committed to pairing employees with dream employers and positions that fulfill their career aspirations.

Challenge: Constant Technology Evolution

QuickRecruit is dedicated to simplifying the mortgage origination recruitment process through efficient technology. Even with their level of digital maturity, the company recognizes that technology is constantly evolving and disrupting the way the recruitment industry does business.

Keeping up with the rapid pace of digital change is challenging and not something they could do effectively in-house. Just as they provide services so their clients can focus on what they do best, QuickRecruit needed to find an innovative recruiting and applicant tracking system partner so they could focus on what they do best – mortgage sourcing and recruiting.

And that led to another challenge – finding the right partner among the hundreds of applicant tracking system and customer relationship management providers. One that was not only efficient, but also cost-effective, easy-to-use and aligned with their values of hard work, customer focus and integrity.

Solution: Personalized technology solutions

RecruitBPM’s all-in-one applicant tracking system (ATS) and customer relationship management (CRM) platform addressed all of QuickRecruit’s needs to serve and provide their clients and candidates with the best customer experience.

Feature-rich: RecruitBPM’s integrated ATS and CRM platform provided all necessary feature functionality such as parsing resumes, posting open positions to all job boards simultaneously to sending targeted marketing campaigns to analyzing data insights for making well-informed business decisions. And all features at their fingertips without ever leaving the platform.

Easy-to-use: RecruitBPM simplified QuickRecruit’s entire recruitment process in a single easy-to-use integrated platform – from finding the best talent in seconds to automating manual processes and speeding up workflows to better engagement with clients and candidates.

Hands-on training: While its ATS and CRM system is intuitive, RecruitBPM provided special onsite, hands-on training to ensure QuickRecruit could optimize its new talent management workflows and processes immediately.

Return on investment: QuickRecruit consulted with and researched hundreds of potential recruiting vendors to determine which would be the perfect fit with their culture and provide a high return on investment. They found RecruitBPM provided the most value when it came to cost, quality, time-savings, maximized results and scalability to accommodate future growth and emerging technology trends.

Results: RecruitBPM offers high return on investment with a personal touch

As a result of RecruitBPM’s intuitive and feature-rich functionality, customized training and responsive customer service, QuickRecruit staff was able to focus their time and energy in growing their business and exceeding customer expectations immediately.

QuickRecruit was also impressed with RecruitBPM’s hands-on approach to customization and excellent accessibility as well as how promptly they were able to leverage their network to provide solutions. And all at an investment less than other comparable vendors. RecruitBPM provided the technology and tools required to help QuickRecruit simplify their mortgage origination recruitment process for its clients immediately.

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