6 key ATS features that you need in 2021

6 Ats Features that you need in 2021

A traditional Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is great for very small businesses but when your organization has a variety of job postings and candidates, it’s a pain in the long term. Although you might be able to hold onto your current outdated ATS Features, But you would be missing out on the benefits that RecruitBPM could bring

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Is your Applicant Tracking System holding you back?

is your Applicant Tracking system holding you back

Selecting the right Applicant Tracking System for your business is a hectic task. The market is full of different options, ranging from basic to comprehensive Applicant Tracking Systems. Recruiting is a strenuous occupation, and the standards have changed over the period of time. Since this is an ever-evolving process, so are the standards associated with it. Just as it

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Candidate Experience Strongly Affects Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing is mainly related to attracting passive candidates and affecting them to the point that they want to look for positions at your company. A million-dollar question is what role does candidate experience (CX) play in it? Well, as candidate experience indicates to each and every context the prospective candidates face on their way

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10 Effective Tips to Improve your Recruiting Strategy in 2019

Since the unemployment rate is dropping down, recruiting in today’s world is becoming more difficult. Coming across the right candidates with a skill set that suits your requirements is unquestionably harder. There has been a remarkable change in how people market their business and people search for their next job in places where they

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How to Make the Most of Our Integration with Resume-Library

Tracking potential candidates and maintaining a substantial database of resumes is always a challenging task for recruiters. To find the best fitting candidate, recruiters also have to search for passive candidates on different online platforms. Although in recent years, applicant tracking system and talent acquisition tools simplified the hectic and time-consuming hiring tasks, but it

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RecruitBPM is your Applicant Tracking System with Background Checks Integration

Background screenings have become a pervasive part of the hiring process of a majority of the companies in order to alleviate any potential risks and to protect their core assets. Nonetheless, it can be time-consuming for both the company staff and the candidates to utilize these screenings; consequently, it can slow down the process

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RecruitBPM Integrates with DocuSign

RecruitBPM has been helping many businesses to remain one step ahead in the job market, where throat-cutting competition prevails, to make their hiring process easy and simple. With RecruitBPM’s continuous efforts to leverage the latest technology while introducing innovations in the world of recruiting many businesses especially the small ones and startups can revolutionize

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5 vital elements of a top CRM system

recruitbpm top CRM analytics

Businesses looking to adopt a Top Customer Relation Management (CRM) System must ensure that the identified CRM system incorporates the following 5 elements: Contact Management Mobility Analytics Customization Ease of use Now let’s take a detailed look at each feature individually. Contact Management Top CRM systems are designed to help your business better connect with

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4 Reasons why you need an Applicant Tracking System

Undeniably, today is the world of advanced technologies, and those who ignore this fact are usually left behind. To keep up with this fast-paced world, it vital to use modern technology in every field of life, and especially in business. To make your business a success, you need to hire the most talented and highly

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Companies and recruiting agencies, when trying to hire new resources, often overlook the process that would facilitate building up a strong relationship between the candidates and the company. Recruiters and the company are more often looking for unrealistic credentials that would be extremely hard to find. These unfair expectations can sometimes end up alienating a

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